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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss survey - where have you stayed? in the Vacation Planning forums; Just a quick survey - which of the Disney resorts have you stayed at? And while we are at it, you might as well rank them (bang for the buck ...
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    survey - where have you stayed?

    Just a quick survey - which of the Disney resorts have you stayed at? And while we are at it, you might as well rank them (bang for the buck scale)

    I will start:

    Swan <- only onsite resort we have stayed at... and that was the night before our Disney cruise. Gotta love the FREE room for Florida resident promo they had running last fall!

    What about you?

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    The Wilderness Lodge-love the theming there and the geyser is fun to watch!!!

    The Poly-love being on the monorail for that quick last minute choice to go ride POTC. The marina is great and we love having that island theming.

    The Beach Club-Was fantastic and truely an awesome experience. Stormalong Bay is so kid friendly and we had a great time there as well! Love being able to walk right over to Epcot for some WS fun!

    Coronodo Springs-The Mayan pyramid thing was cool, but the resort was so spread out and large, guess I like things a bit more quaint. Also, although the Pepper Market had great and diverse food, didn't particularly like tipping when I wait in line and bring my own food to the table.

    Embassy Vacation Resort (offsite)-got this great deal for a 3 bed/3 bath condo overlooking Lake Bryan. If you can't stay onsite, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! They have great activities for the kids. Teen activites and programs day and night. A marina that rents waverunners across the lake and the resort staff was fantastic!

    Holiday Vista - got what we paid was clean, nothing special, a simple 3 bed, 1 bath apartment type accomodations, pool was a pool, but we were going you couldnt beat it!
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    a most uncommon elevator
    Dixie Landings (now PO Riverside) - Honeymoon - so it has to be # 1 on my list. Love almost everything about it.

    Port Orleans (now PO French Quarter)

    Dolphin - didn't like it - kind of tacky in-room decor. Very un-Disney (since Disney doesn't run it). However, a short-walk to the Boardwals which is very Disney (and breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery).

    Lately, we've been staying off-site at timeshares - easier for us (and saves $$) now that we have kids. Kitchen, multiple bedrooms, etc... True, i could stay at a DVC, but that would kill our vacation budget.

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    I've never stayed at a bad place favorite was AKL

    AKL--Savannah view, Wedding trip, amazing views of the animals and of course, BOMA!!

    Contemporary---location, location, location!

    Carribean Beach--Great theming

    All Star Movies---even though the rooms are small, it's a great cheap place to stay

    All Star Music--not as cool as Movies, but I love the bright colors of the Calypso building!

    Beach Club Villas--my DVC home, Stormalong Bay, Walk to Epcot, right on the Boardwalk, always something to do!!

    Next Trip this May---POP and BWV and I can't wait!!

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    I'm so jealous of all of you that get to stay at the expensive places. I wish I could too. I've stayed at the Contemporary twice but that was when I was 7 years old back before Epcot opened.

    Of my thirteen trips.....

    Contemporary (twice) - Had a great time and the place wasn't very expensive during the early 80s from what I was told. We had a ground floor room outside and we had a giant sea turtle outside our window.

    Dixie Landings - When it first opened back in '92. Was the cheapest place to stay back then. Nice room but it was a really far walk from the front desk and the buses.

    All Star Music - Stayed here numerous times. Always enjoyable but I wish the hallways were inside.

    All Star Movies - Feel the same way about this one.

    Pop Century - Was just there last month. Was extremely clean. The best part was the menu. They had a great selection for my family. (And since it was only $55/night, our 11 night vacation was a bit easier to handle financially)

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    Smile Let's see...

    Where have I stayed onsite?

    Ft. Wilderness (Cypress Knee Loop) - 1975
    Ft. Wilderness (Cypress Knee Loop) - 1977
    Grand Floridian (Honeymoon) - 1988
    Beach Club (1)*
    Caribbean Beach (2)
    Polynesian (1)
    Wilderness Lodge (2)
    All-Star Sports (2)
    Coronado Springs (1)
    Ft. Wilderness Homes (3)
    Port Orleans FQ (1)
    Dixie Landings (1)#
    PO Riverside (2)
    AKL (1)
    Boardwalk Inn (1)

    *number of stays at each resort.
    # IMHO there is a difference between DxL and POR!

    Adam - I do not know if it is possible for me to rank them. Each one has significant memories for us. I have never stayed at a resort I did not like. I do have some favorites:

    Grand Floridian is gorgeous, but we stayed there the opening month and loved it! Since then it seems to have a rather 'snobbish' air about it. We visit often, but not to stay.

    I love Poly - always have - to me it smacks of Disney magic! Love the tiki torches and the foilage. always reminds me of my visits as a child!

    Have never stayed at Contemporary. We really have no desire to either. The theming doesn't move me. Like to visit - again memories of childhood, but no desire to stay.

    Beach Club is great!

    Boardwalk is good - location is great. Had an issue with having to go outside to get coffee at a deluxe resort. That's fine to take a walk at a mod or value - it's expected. But when I am paying deluxe prices I shouldn't have to traipse outside in the rain or cold to get DW a cup of coffee. (I don't even drink the stuff myself!)

    All-Start Sports - fun. Seen and and done it though!

    I love FtW - love the feel and memories (again). It is a lot of fun to stay here. Renting golfcarts - the sing-a-long, etc!

    AKL is beautiful! Same wth WL - both of these have to be our top choices!

    Dixie is my favortie mod! (It will always be Dixie Landings to us!)
    Love the feel of the place - love the grounds, the quiet pools, Ol man island, the cotton mill etc. Love DxL.

    POFQ - like it, just not as much as DxL.

    Really like Coronado Springs - love the pool. Especially at night!

    Caribbean Beach - probably our least favorite mod. Nice, but it is spread out!
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    WOW 1hr - you sure have stayed at a lot of them - and many of them more than once.

    I have made around 50 trips to the parks and have only stayed at the Swan (and that was free). Time for me to change that
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    1998:We stayed at All-Star Sports and really enjoyed it.
    2003: we took advantage of discount codes and stayed at POR and LOVED IT
    July 2004: are staying at POR again
    June 2005: Wilderness Lodge!:->

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    pparm - first - WELCOME to the forums!!

    and second .. I like how you plan so far ahead! WL in 2005. I wish I knew what I was doing next week

    To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

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    Hmmm... lemme see...

    In more than 40 trips, I remember (many when I was very young)staying at:

    Contemporary (a favorite)
    Polynesian (love it!!)
    Wilderness Lodge (and Villas - nice!)
    Coronado Springs
    Port Orleans - Riverside (quiet and romantic, very charming)
    Treehouse Viilas (way back when...)
    Fort Wilderness

    Gotta ask mom & dad if they remember where else...
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    We've been doing WDW for many years but just discovered staying on property on the past few trips.

    Our first couple of on-site stays were at Dixie (oops, now known as Port Orleans Riverside) Landings. We fell in love with this resort and had decided that we would never stay at any other resort. This had such lovely theming.

    Then we found the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Once again we have decided that if possible we will always return here.
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    I've only stayed onsite once (and only been to disney twice) but we stayed at
    and if it weren't for the Pop Century, i would be more than happy to stay there again!!!! Sure it was small, but it was our sleeping quarters excpet the off night i was hungry and we ate there.
    I want to try pop next or music.
    i'm so jealous of all you people who can stay at the expensive places! even Carribbean Beach and Coranado springs are too expensive for us right now.


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    The only reason I've done any of these is a discount rate..

    All Star Music - CMs get put in the "country" section and it took us the whole visit to figure out our stairwells were themed to look like harmonicas. There are pictures of "trucks" along the tops of the buildings and then next to our room was a 3-story neon light accented pair of cowbody boots. It wasn't the end the world.. but..

    Coronado Springs - The place is gorgeous at night. One of my faves. Really nice charming and romantic feel.

    Contemporary - 7th floor Tower facing the Magic Kingdom, I could see the TTA vehicles in Tomorrowland scooting around all day and woke up at midnight to the Fireworks going off. My sheets were moldly as was the air conditioning system so it wreaked havoc on my allergies. It was a bit odd to go down the elevator to the concourse, only to have to go back up the escalator to the monorail station.

    Polynesian - Just "okay" nothing about it really stunned me and the room was just okay too. I didn't even get a leigh. I liked my bathroom at the Contemporary more. Went out to the beach to watch grad night fireworks. Was in a "BFE" longhouse so we could walk to our room easily from the TTC. Oh yeah, they lost my luggage when I changed resorts midtrip to the Wilderness Lodge.

    Wilderness Lodge - To die for gorgeous and the pool is really cool. I pretty much liked everything about the place, and it was probably the only time I felt like the CM's went above and beyond to make my stay feel special. Courtyard view, looking right down on the waterfall area of the river/pool.

    Carribbean Beach - Bleh. Nothing exciting, rooms were just rooms and I really was underwhelmed. Stayed in the bright pink buildings and for the first time ever used Disney transport and was really miffed about waiting 30 mins by myself for a bus at Epcot once.

    Pop Century - Cute, kinda gaudy. I liked it more than ASMusic. Room was jsut a room, but had some cute details. The food court and shop was nicer than I expected. Wish i had gotten a better area than the 50's and parking was a ngihtmare - no such thing as a closeby space there, if there are any spaces!!

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    Oh, and just so you know where not to "Request" your room be.. at the resorts where I got the absolute rock bottom CM price I got stuck in the "yuckey" rooms which are typically closer to Egypt than the rest of the resort..

    ASMu - Country Fair
    Coronado - The Ranchos that were under rehab/construction
    Contemporary - Nope, paid big money for the Tower.
    Polynesian - Longhouse farthest from everything but the TTC.
    Wilderness - Nope, paid big money for Courtyard view.
    Carribbean - The ugly pink buildings.
    Pop - 1950's section, farthest from everything and horrible parking.

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    haven't stayed on site very many times. i usually either drive over for the day or stay somewhere cheap off site (it's only a place to sleep usually so why not put the money towards things like food and merchandise). however the times I have stayed on site i have very specific memories of...

    All Star Music- When I was 18 a friend of mine was working as a CM. he was part of a small circle of close friends who considered ourselves "theatre rats," because we could usually all be found at our local comunity theatre either performing or teching. well anyway, the year he was working there, he arranged for 3 of us to come over and join him for a couple days as a Christmas gift. of course we stayed in the Broadway section of ASM, and really enjoyed my first Christmas at WDW (not the actual day, just the season). we loved it so much that every year after we said we would go back again, but it never happened. I still have fond memories of that experience (even if I did lose all respect for the Genie during that trip!).

    Coronado- Stayed there for several days with my ex. I really liked the atmosphere. (I do agree with the previous poster about tipping for serving myself though, that was just stupid!)

    For the rest of you, like me, who can't always afford to stay at the resorts, one of the best days I've had over there was spent without setting foot in the parks or paying for anything but food. we once spent an entire day (might've been 2. I think we stayed at a cheap off site) just visiting the resorts. we would simply tell the security guard we were checking it out to see if we wanted to stay there on a future visit and then walk around enjoying the atmosphere (my favorite thing about a Disney trip), shopping & maybe eating. you don't have to stay at the resorts to enjoy their beauty.

    my short list of resorts I would most like to stay at are WL, AKL & Beach Club. (incidentally, I also have a fun BC story, but I've said so much already that I will save it for another time)

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