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Resorts & Accomodations Discuss Christmas Season and honeymoon- Which resort ? in the Vacation Planning forums; The week before Christmas 2006 for 2-3 nights and May 2007 for 1- 2 nights (after we get back from our HONEYMOON cruise)we are planning a trip to WDW. We ...
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    Christmas Season and honeymoon- Which resort ?

    The week before Christmas 2006 for 2-3 nights and May 2007 for 1- 2 nights (after we get back from our HONEYMOON cruise)we are planning a trip to WDW. We want to stay at a resort we have not stayed at yet. I already have experienced Wilderness Lodge at Christmas Time and the Grand Floridian for a romantic engagement, which were absolutely perfect.
    The following resorts are our choices of places we have not stayed at yet: Port Orleans Riverside, Carribbean, FORT Wilderness, Yacht Club, Beach Club, Polyenesian, Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    The question is which of those 7 would you recommend for 1. A christmas season stay and 2. A short honeymoon. Any advice would be great.
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    1. i think akl
    2. i'd say yc
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    Christmas: Beach Club or Yacht Club - lots of beautiful decorations to see in that area
    Honeymoon: Polynesian - beautiful secluded grounds, and Wishes from the beach

    Congrats and have fun planning!
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    Fort Wilderness for Christmas...many of the "campers" are there for a long stay and go all out with lighting and decorating their sites, rent a golf cart put on some warm clothes(especialy gloves for the driver) and cruise the campground at night.

    AKL in special reason except that it is one of my favorite resorts just to visit.

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    Oh, and I love Port Orleans Riverside- it is just beautiful and a little cheaper if that becomes an issue. A wonderful experience there.

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    Poly for the honeymoon - how romantic, like a trip to the islands!!!
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    I was just at AKL this past December and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful decorated for Christmas. I really fell in love with this resort for this very reason.

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    Advice for number 2. for a honeymoon i would recommend the polynesian. Since you are in long houses there are less rooms in one building and it is beautiful. I spent my honeymoon there last november and fell in love with my husband all over again.
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    I think I'd go for Animal Kingdom Lodge for #1, and Port Orleans Riverside for #2. I like the Carribbean Beach a lot, so it could go for #2 as well. I've not stayed at the other hotels, so I can't give a personal review. I choose AKL for #1 because I think it would offer more luxuary - a hotel rather than the the "unit" with a longer walk to get to the lobby and restaurants. Have a great time.
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    We spent our honeymoon for 4 days at the Yacht Club and 8 days at the Polyensian. We are trying a December trip for the first time this December and are doing the Swan and the Polyensian.

    The Polynesian is our favorite resort out of any of our stays but I can see the Yacht Club being a good resort around Christmas time.

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    I stayed at the Carribean last December & i loved the resort as it was quiet & peaceful but there wasn't very much in the way of Christmasy things.

    We visited animal kingdom for a meal & it's fantastic, its a pretty unique hotel.

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    Christmas - Grand Floridian
    Honeymone - Polynesian


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    1. beach club
    2. carribean beach

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    Have you already done the Boardwalk?? If so then I would say:

    Beach Club.....for Christmas

    Polynesian......for Honeymoon

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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