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Secrets of WDW Discuss RNRC breakdown in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; on the 16th of this month rnrc broke down early in the morning and never came back up. i was wondering if anyone knew the technical details on this. also, ...
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    RNRC breakdown

    on the 16th of this month rnrc broke down early in the morning and never came back up. i was wondering if anyone knew the technical details on this.
    also, on the 15th everest got stuck on the big lift hill and shut down

    and test track got stuck right after i rode it on the 15th

    and also universe of energy on the 15th went off the wire track and i was in the ride when it happened and i had to get evacuated. i saw a close view of the dino aa's and all the steel behind the rockwork

    anyway does anyone know why all these rides were breaking down on my vacation

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    Some of these rides DO have a bad history of breaking down. I have never been on Expedition Everest, but I have heard a lot of complaints of it breaking down. Now, I know for a fact that Test Track breaks down many times a day. Every day we were at EPCOT, there seemed to be a problem with that ride. For all of those rides to break down that day is not rare, but very unfortunate.

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    I don't think i would want to be on everest if it broke down at the top. Im very scared of hights.

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    I was on Everest yesterday (evening) and felt like our part of the train seemed a little EXTRA rickety and kinda 'shaky'. To be honest, I was kinda scared...because it just seemed to be a little 'off' yesterday (the ride I mean... not off of the track) We have ridden Everest umpteen times, too, so I know that it is supposed to have some rickety-ness to it.... but this was different. I thought maybe it was because we were towards the back, and usually we are closer to the front. I hope this is all it was, but I remember coming off of it telling dh that something was just different about it this time, and he said he kinda felt the same way but wondered if it was just him (he rode just before I did, with our other daughter who is tall enough)

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    Tasha, that may have been because you were towards the back of the train. Usually the rear of the cars/trains on coaster tend to be more "free" (which is why I usually prefer the back of coasters, way more fun in my opinion!) Did either you or your husband address your concerns to any of the CMs? I'm sure they would appreciate any comments.

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