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Secrets of WDW Discuss Neat Haunted Mansion Secret in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Speaking of the organ, do you know that the organ in the DL mansion is from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea? I heard about that on the guided tour of ...
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    Speaking of the organ, do you know that the organ in the DL mansion is from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea? I heard about that on the guided tour of the mansion on the new Nightmare before Christmas dvd.

    I never saw the "ring" but the new story with the pearls that's a real part of the mansion is cool.

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    I did a little research and found out some things.

    Originally, these ideas were tossed around for a mansion story:

    Walt journeyed out to the Winchester Mystery House and became deeply captivated with the massive mansion with its stairs to nowhere, doors that open to walls and holes, and elevators. Ken came up with stories for the mansion including tales of a ghostly sea captain who killed his nosy bride and then hanged himself, a mansion home to an unfortunate family, and a ghostly wedding party with previous Disney villains and spooks like Captain Hook, lonesome ghosts, and the headless horseman. Some of the Universal Monsters were even planned to appear.

    October 2005, Slave Labor Graphics began publishing a bimonthly Haunted Mansion comic book anthology giving the Disneyland Mansion a backstory, with the main recurring story of Master Gracey recalling the old sea captain storyline.

    Here is the current story about the bride in the attic:

    The new show scene introduced in the attic portion of the ride follows a ghostly bride named Constance Hatchaway (played by Buffy The Vampire Slayer actress Julia Lee and voiced by Kat Cressida), now described as a "black widow bride," and slowly uncovers her bloody past, which includes the murders and decapitations of all her previous husbands (named Ambrose Harper, Frank Banks, Reginald Caine, the Marquis De Doom, and George Hightower) in an attempt to gain their vast fortunes. The new effects start when visitors first enter the mansion's attic.[citation needed]
    When the visitor enters the attic, the pop-up ghosts that shout "I do!" are now gone. This is to make room for the current effects. As the visitor enters the attic, the first new things seen are an amber-glowing glass lamp, various treasures and china, and multiple portraits of different grooms, each with the same bride. An axe-like sound echoes from the pictures throughout the room, and in each portrait the groom's head disappears.

    The phantom piano player is still there, but the music is louder than before. Near the end of the attic, an ethereal glow is seen and a sweet but sinister voice is heard. It is Constance in her wedding gown. She repeats her vows in a menacing tone ("I do, I do...I did", "You may now kiss the bride", "And we lived happily ever after", "As long as we both shall live", "For better or for worse", "Here comes the bride", "'Till death do us part", "Through sickness and in...wealth". Every few sayings, she raises her hand and an axe appears in it.

    I am assuming that Master Gracey originated from this:

    Rolly Crump and Yale Gracey, two Imagineers put in charge of the spectral effects, recreated many of Ken Anderson's stories.

    Like one of the PP, I kind of wish they would make the story of the mansion comprehensive and not such a mish-mosh. It is absolutely great as it is and one of my favorite attractions; however, I think a comprehensive storyline told throughout the ride would make it vastly more interesting as well as more creepy.


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    I love this story and have heard many different versions, however, the ones on this particular thread seem to make the most sense with the ride... Yes, they have taken the ring out. Which stinks because it created such a great back-story! Maybe they'll put it back in if enough people ask!
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