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Secrets of WDW Discuss Party Lines and Paint Brushes, OH MY! :D in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I just did a quick trip over to Magic Kingdom today, and I read a while ago that there are the party line phones on main street, I looked in ...
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    Party Lines and Paint Brushes, OH MY! :D

    I just did a quick trip over to Magic Kingdom today, and I read a while ago that there are the party line phones on main street, I looked in all the buildings on mainstreet and couldnt find them. I was just wondering if I was just looking in the wrong direction, anyone know where they are? and also on Tom Sowyers Island there are paint brushes and when you turn them in cast members will give you fast passes, where are these paint brushes?! In the dark caves? No clue. Where are they normally?? Anyone know?? Thankss.
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    A moment of silence for my old friend, the party line telephone.

    When Arribas Brothers took over the area in the Main Street Market House, they sadly took with it the old phone.

    As for the paintbrushes, they can be fonud scattered throughout the island, but I'd suggest getting there as early as possible, especilly to be able to find some of the more obvious ones.

    If anyone has a photo of one they can post here so others know what they look like, that would be great!
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    What a bummer! Just another one of the many things that I forgot to look for on this last trip!!! But it sounds like the phone was already gone during our trip - July 10th through 17th.
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    We were at MK in early August and found this paint brush on the side of a path, in plain sight. Good Luck!
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    That is so cool! For some reason I was expecting to see an artist's paintbrush; which wouldn't make much sense because Tom Sawyer was painting a fence not a canvas. Another item to add to my todo list.
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    I am excited to try this on our next trip.

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    We looked for the paint brush one morning for about an hour, and I decided there was just too much other things to do and see, than to waste time on it. We'll try next time maybe for a half an hour.
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    where r the brushes usually at?
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