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Secrets of WDW Discuss Favorite disney themepark in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I would have to say our family enjoys the Magic Kingdom the best, but I prefer the food at Epcot, especially Germany....
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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I would have to say our family enjoys the Magic Kingdom the best, but I prefer the food at Epcot, especially Germany.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    The Magic Kingdom is Disney to me.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    It has to be MK for me and my family, it wouldn't be a trip to WDW without it.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    i absolutly adore animal kingdom! its a beautiful place! not to mention my love of animals and expedition everest.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    Epcot is definitely my favorite. Even though I have a tradition of going to the Magic Kingdom the first day I'm there, I LOVE Epcot. Just something about it...I can't quite put my finger on it. Future World...the World Showcase. I love it all.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I've got to say EPCOT, it was the park i went to back in '91, closely followed by DHS.

    But they are all great and a must see to anyone who visits.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    The original. Magic Kingdom.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    Even though I love EPCOT I have to vote Magic Kingdom...Classic Disney!

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I think it is a matter of perspective, depending on what part of your happiness you want to believe is the most important at any given time.

    When I want to see my wife and my daughter happy, it is the Magic Kingdom that is number one because I see two princesses light up.

    Hollywood Studios becomes most important to me when my oldest son begins humming the opening bars to the Radier's March as we look across Echo Lake.

    Then there's the one that speaks to me personally--Epcot. I relate to Mr. Disney the most when I think about looking to the future and moving forward. I also appreciate the opportunity to interact and learn of other cultures such as in the World Showcase. And there will always be a special thought in my mind and heart every time I walk through the gift shop in Mission:Space when my youngest son saw a toy of his favorite character and shouted "Waw-wee!". I'll never forget that.

    How can you pick just one as a favorite? Tough choices.
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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    May I say that I agree TheCopesFamily, and it is a hard choice. All the theme parks are great. although, if I had to chose one it would definetely have to be Magic Kingdom. I mean, its the place everyone thinks of when thought of magic. It has different lands to explore and it just fills your imagination. That is why Magic Kingdon will live in our hearts forever.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I vote Disneyland even though its not a choice haha
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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I love them all, especially MK and EPCOT, but I went with MK because its just classic and we usually stay at a MK hotel. The whole area surrounding MK just screams "home" to me, and I feel as though if I went on Disney property and never made it over there, my trip would be incomplete.
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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    Hey Guys, im back. You probably didn't notice i was gone. After i got back from disney, i kinda grew outta Disney
    but iv been watching my video recording of the holiday n im full of Disney happiness

    Its good to be back
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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    I chose the MK as my favorite park because it still takes my breath away as I walk down Main Street and see the castle in the background.

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    Re: Favorite disney themepark

    We always start with Magic Kingdom and end with Magic Kingdom. It is the ultimate in the Disney experience.
    Love Disney. I hope to go next spring with the whole family.

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