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Secrets of WDW Discuss Birthday perks in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be at WDW on my birthday, but I will be. I already have my park tickets so I'm going to opt ...
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    Birthday perks

    Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be at WDW on my birthday, but I will be.

    I already have my park tickets so I'm going to opt for the Birthday Gift card instead of free admission instead of the special fast pass. (See "What are you celebrating?" for more details if you are unaware of the 2009 promotion.)

    I've read about the special birthday pin I can get at Magic Kingdom's City Halls Guest relations.

    1. How can I use that pin for a special birthday perk and
    2. Are there any other perks for having a birthday while at WDW?

    Thanks all!
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    There's no way you can really "use" the pin to get perks. Its all pretty random. I've worn birthday pins before and I've got stuff all way from absolutely nothing to a simple "happy birthday" to free desserts. Its never happened to me, but I've heard of people being moved up in line for a ride sometimes..... but overall its completely random, there's no guarantee anything will happen.

    There's not really too many other perks to being in WDW besides the perks you may get from having a button. The best I can say it to stop by Guest Relations to get the pin (all the parks will carry them) or to get one at your hotel's front desk if you are staying at a Disney resort. If you are making any dining reservations, tell the person that you make the reservation with to make a notation that it is your birthday.
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    Almost everyone, CM's and visitors alike, will wish you Happy Birthday. We were there this year for my son's 17th B-day and he had on the button and the big hat that looks like a cake with candles on top that light up. He was not feeling well as he got a stomach virus the night we got there. But we are there watching Dreams Come True parade in MK and Fairy Godmother rides by and sees him there and wishes him a Happy B-day, winks and blows him a kiss. It was a small gesture that made him feel quite a bit better!
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    I try hard to wish other guests a happy birthday, happy anniversary or say congratulations to newlyweds if I see someone wearing a celebratory button. I'm a little touchy about the birthday buttons because two years ago, when I was celebrating my birthday, I never heard anyone wish me a happy birthday till nearly the end of the day. I had a lot of competition from DH who was wearing Star Wars shirt that caught everyone's attention. So, the birthday buttons are not a shoe-in for anything special. We did get several people congratulating us on our anniversary this year, but we received no special treatment, nor was any expected. I suspect that there will be a heightened awareness of people celebrating birthdays and such in 2009. I do know, that DH will NOT be wearing his #*%** Star Wars shirt on my birthday in 2009! (to this day, he still gets positive comments on that shirt.)
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    It's too bad that there aren't more simple "Happy Birthday" wishes from guests and CMs, but I'm glad to see comments like "none were expected"...
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