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Secrets of WDW Discuss Buzz Lightyear ride question. in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Besides hitting the volcano, where are some targets to max score with?? My wife and son kick my behind on this and I want soime revenge!!...
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    Buzz Lightyear ride question.

    Besides hitting the volcano, where are some targets to max score with?? My wife and son kick my behind on this and I want soime revenge!!

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    I feel your pain.
    We recently got stuck in the "hallway" where the rockets go zooming around the walls. We found sensors on the areas on either side of the doorway that can rack up some points.
    I hope we get more suggestions on this thread. I can use all the help I can get.
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    A good one is on the back of the big Robot's arm. You have to turn around to shoot at it before leaving the room.
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    The two ones that max out your scores the best are the robots hand before exiting the first room. It's just above the exit of the room so you can hit it on the way up a few times and after turning around. The other one is at the bottom of Emporor Zurg in the final room with targets. I found out about both of them as a CM and since then I always take my own car and try to max out both scores and am usually successful.
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    I wish I knew too! I am awful at hitting targets - the only time I won was when I randomly hit one worth 30,000 points! I was so happy, but unfortunately, I have no target it was that gave me those points!

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    Quote Originally Posted by envypeterpan View Post
    The other one is at the bottom of Emporor Zurg in the final room with targets.
    That's the one that my hubby just hit a couple weeks ago to max out his score for the first time! Now that we know we need to make sure the 8 year old hits it on our next trip. He would be beyond excited to max out his score on Buzz!!!

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    I know of 3 100k targets.

    In the first room, the target on the inside of the left hand of the "rock-em sock-em robot" is worth 100k. That's the robot's left hand.

    The second is in the same room, there's a huge claw hanging over the doorway as you exit towards the volcano room. In the middle of the claw is a target worth 100k. I've only been able to hit this one facing backwards while exiting the room. If I'm lucky I can get this one 3 or 4 times before I slip out of range.

    And the third, as others have said, is the one at the bottom of Zurg's spaceship in the room right before the star tunnel (IE the room with all the robots and batteries). You can't get a low enough angle to shoot it while you're directly in front, but you should be able to get it a couple of times from each side.

    Also, in the star tunnel itself, there's a cartoon projection of Zurg's spaceship bouncing from one side of the tunnel to the other. At the point where he comes to rest on the left side of the tunnel, right before the exit, is an unmarked sensor worth 25k. You can actually see it when you get close while it's illuminated by Zurg's ship, but if you know where it is you can shoot it and get points at any time. So watch for Zurg's ship to stop on the left side of the tunnel, as soon as you enter, and start shooting at a point on the bottom left corner of his ship. When he moves, don't follow him, just try to keep shooting the same spot (not as easy as it sounds!). You should be able to get credit for that target at least 3-4 times while in the tunnel.

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    Wow these are awesome tips! I can see better scores in my future...
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