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Secrets of WDW Discuss Your Favorite Disney World Tradition! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Eating at the Winnie-the-Pooh breakfast house in Magic Kingdom....
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    Eating at the Winnie-the-Pooh breakfast house in Magic Kingdom.
    Not going to Disney World any time soon...

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    My favorite Disney Tradition is having a charter breakfast on our last day at WDW then going to DTD before we head our for our 2 day drive
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    I've only been to WDW twice, but this is a tradition I will carry on in future visits. I will make sure to ride the TTA as my very last attraction in MK at night, I will eat a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle at MK, and I will eat at Yak and Yeti Local Foods in AK. And one more thing, if it is raining in AK, I will ride Everest.

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    We have far too many traditions! Eating at the Liberty Inn Tavern when in the Kingdom...
    Sending my mum (non-rider) for RnRCoaster fastpasses while we line on ToT!
    Space Mountain first in MK
    The Great Movie Ride as last ride in HS..i have no idea why, but i always also say...'it's a grand tradition' when we walk into the line....
    The ferryboat back to TTC...and tears while we do!

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    One thing I always do is ride "It's A Small World". I don't care how corny it is, I drag whoever is with me onto that ride. No trip is complete without that attraction.
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    Well, I have not seen this one yet and many people just over look this, but everytime we go my family has their silouettes done. We started doing this my first trip when I was four and we will continue the tradition with my four year old daughter when we go in April. Another tradtion is going on It's A Small World.

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    We fly out early and go straight to Magic Kingdom, around 7 pm we go back to the hotel freshen up and head back to see Wishes and then enjoy Extra Magic Hours.
    Love Disney. I hope to go next spring with the whole family.

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    We have always taken a 6:30ish flight from home (NJ) so we are usually checked in at our hotel by 10 at the latest. We head to Epcot where I wait for the champagne/wine stand outside France to open. I like to start my magical stay with a glass of champagne (I know it's 5:00 somewhere).
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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    We have a Disney Christmas tree, so we spend upwards of $200 on Disney Christmas decorations each trip we go on. So thats more like an obligation than a tradition. :-)

    Since becoming DVC members, we don't get to stay at our favorite resort anymore, the Poly. We had stayed there 12 times over the last 20 years, so it's a special place for us. So each trip we go there just to walk around, shop, eat at the food court/Ohana/Kona/ and always ride the monorail to and from. Kind of a silly tradition but one that's been consistant the last 6 or 7 trips.

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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    I also have to have my dole whip float (delicious)! I also have a tradition where I buy a Disney SouvenEar charm for my charm bracelet. I hope I never run out of room!!
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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    We go to the Magic Kingdom first thing when we arrive, Our first full day we go to Animal Kingdom, we don't care what people think! We love Animal Kingdom! haha

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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    Nice thread! Our tradition is we always ask our daughter what she wants to do first. The first couple of years it was to see Ariel but this year she wants to go on Splash Mountain!
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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    We have several. I have to go to Epcot as soon as we arrive, even if its only for a couple of hours. We have to buy a dated Christmas decoration, and a WDW suitcase (for all the stuff I bring home!). Andy has had an open top hire car both times he has been, so I guess that will be a tradition now! If I am with my brother then I have to take his picture outside the Village Haus in Fantasyland. We have to have breakfast at the Main St Bakery at least once each trip too.

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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    when we first arrive, my family and I check into the resort and immediatly go into the gift shop haha. then we hit the room to watch the disney channel that shows the tour about the parks, you know Stacey!! I love herr!

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    Re: Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    My family tradition has been goin on for years. We drive up there after work. After we checked in to usually a Disney resort, we go and unpack. Then we would all have a drink by the pool and relax a little bit. Then depending what mood we were in we either go to Pleasure Island or Bordwalk. Then we always go to Magic Kingdom the next day. I have now carried that tradition with my fiance whom had never been to Disney till I got ahold of him!
    Now its so sad that Pleasure Island has closed because we only have one option now.
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