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Secrets of WDW Discuss Your Favorite Disney World Tradition! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Ok, I'm not entirely sure if this goes in here, but seeing how a "Favorite Foods" thread is in here, I don't see why not. Anyhow... What is your most ...
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    Cool Your Favorite Disney World Tradition!

    Ok, I'm not entirely sure if this goes in here, but seeing how a "Favorite Foods" thread is in here, I don't see why not. Anyhow...

    What is your most favorite Walt Disney World tradition? Is it a food you eat? A ride you go on? A special souvenEAR you buy? What?

    A special tradition my family has whenever we go is to get a Christmas ornament for every trip. We have a really cool tribal mask ornament from the AKL, as well as a Christmas-themed photo frame from World of Disney and A couple other generic-mickey-icon ones. I can't wait to get a tropical-themed ornament from the Caribbean Beach Resort when I go!

    Another tradition we have is that we always explore the resort we stay in BEFORE going into the parks for the trip. Usually this means swimming in the pool. Usually for Dad, however, it means taking a much-deserved nap in the room after a long plane flight. :P

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    Mine is heading to Space Mountain right away after the rope drops. I don't know what I'm going to do during the refurb.
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    We always check into our hotel and immediately go dine in our hotel restaurant to plan out our first adventure.

    On the last day we always ride the Carousel last before we end our vacation.
    I must say someone else dragged me into this particular, established tradition.

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    Mine is meeting all the characters!
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    My favorite tradition is getting a picture of my family and I sitting on the park bench with the Goofy statue on Main Street.
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    Eating Tacos across from POTC with my wife. Trading sarcasm all day with my grown up daughters and them trying to get me on TOT and Rockin rollercoaster. Ain't gonna never happen but they do not give up. They lucky I ride Everest. Getting my butt handed to me on Buzz Lightyear by my wife and son everytime.

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    On the last two trips we started the tradition of going to a breakfast at Chef Mickey's before our first day in the parks. It sets the tone and gets the "needing to hug the characters" out of the kids' system for at least a day or two.

    Our end of trip tradition is that DH takes the boys out for a special father-son adventure while I pack everything up. This year it was roasting s'mores at Ft. Wilderness' campfire. (this may not sound exciting to people without small kids, but to me it is heaven to be able to get packed up without them running around. Friday night it took me 30 min to get packed up and then I had an hour to myself until they got back...heaven!)
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    We get a very early flight down to Orlando, so the night before we leave for WDW, I tuck my son into bed and tell him we will eat breakfast @ WDW the next morning. By 9:45am we are usually sitting down to breakfast in one of the resort restaurants.

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    We normally take an early flight. Then hang out at the resort, explore & nap. We hit the parks the next day. Magic Kingdom is my 1st favorite park. Our 2 rides I have to go on every trip are Pirates & It's a Small World. Tradition.....
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    well, we usually dont arrive to the World until late afternoon/evening, so we usually just grab dinner wherever, and walk around the hotel a bit, maybe swim a little. The next day we go to the Magic Kingdom. We either eat lunch or dinner (or both!) at The Plaza Restaurant, where i MUST get a rueben with german potato salad and a dulce de leche milkshake.....absolute perfection!
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    DW and I head for the TTA and take a slow cruise through Tomorrowland, and try to soak up the atmosphere of WDW!

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    We have to go to MK first, always. If I can't got to MK first, my whole trip is wonky.

    We also like to go straight to the castle, then fantasyland. After that Star Tours is a must, and so is Mickey Head Ice Cream while sitting on a bench in EVERY park.

    Hot Tea and a funnel cake are a must to watch the last parade and the Fireworks.
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    We always stop at Downtown Disney and buy souvenEARS as we are leaving. But the absolute last thing we do is stop at the Cauldron for candy and fudge for the ride home. On the ride home, normally around Ocala, I always ask the kids what their favorite part of the trip was. I get different answers every time.
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    We always eat at Cape May Cafe. My Mom Always makes all of us ride dumbo each time we are down there

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    We have so many different traditions we do when we go....hmmm I think my favorite is to grab a burger at Pecos Bill and sit outside and look over the fence while watching spectromagic. I also love riding splash mountain and thunder mountain at night, there is just something about being up on those mountains and seeing everything lit up that makes for a great trip.

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