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Secrets of WDW Discuss The Disney Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour. in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; So, when I went on my yearly trip to Disney World back at the end of March with my parents, my dad and I decided to take the Steam Train ...
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    The Disney Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour.

    So, when I went on my yearly trip to Disney World back at the end of March with my parents, my dad and I decided to take the Steam Train tour, which is amazing. It is a tour with taking, and you can learn alot about Disney World, and steam trains. There's also quite a few interesting secrets I found out as well, such as:

    >Don't want the magic ruined? Skip this section then.<

    1. The train roundhouse is, in fact, NOT round. It is just a regular 2-story building. 2 stories you ask? Next secret.

    2.Ever wondered where the monorails are stored? They're kept on the second floor of the train roundhouse, quite neat actually.

    3. This secret may be slightly wrong, fyi. Please don't hurt me . There is in fact 5 trains, 4 that you actually can ride on, and then 1 for the opening of the park each day. At the most though, only 3 trains can be on the tracks at a time, which makes sense since there's only 3 stations.

    4. Ever wondered how the trains get to the roundhouse? Here's a step by step process:
    1. The train that is going in docks at the Toontown station.
    2. A lever that is a bit before the Toontown station is pulled and locked in place, switching the track at the final turn before the station to go straight back. (Since I'm 14, a kid, I got to be a junior conductor along with one other kid. So since i was the older kid, I got to pull the lever to take us back to the roundhouse since that was "tougher" than the other job.)
    3. The train goes in reverse for a bit, and eventually arrives at the roundhouse after crossing a cast member entry-way road.

    5. The trains came from Central America, and on their way to America, were guarded by armed guards to prevent people from attempting to strip the trains as they went, because the trains were the last of their kind.

    >Spoilers are over<

    If I happen to remember any more things, which I hope I do, I'll add on in future posts. And if enough people (like 2 or 3, lol) want to see some "illegal" backstage photos of like, the roundhouse and all, along with some photos of an early-morning EMPTY Main Street, U.S.A, then I'll post those later too. Just want to make sure enough people want the magic "spoiled", lol, before i put the pictures up.

    Finally, I highly recommend the tour. Take it on a Thursday, you'll get an amazingly nice and funny senior that knows his stuff. Along with that, you get a special pin that is only available by taking the tour, and if you're lucky like me, the guy who's name i am ashamed I forgot, might let you take some souveneirs you find lying on the ground. I got a used railroad spike my dad found outside of the roundhouse, and some charred rocks from next to the Toontown Station. Yes, those black rocks aren't originally black. If you read through all this, congrats!
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    Re: The Disney Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour.

    Great info! My dad used to work on the railroad and my brother is making a model railroad. We are thinking about taking this tour...sounds cool! Glad you had fun!
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    Re: The Disney Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour.

    Neat facts.

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