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Secrets of WDW Discuss Talking Tree?? in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I remember a few years ago there was a talking tree (like the talking trash can) that would appear at the entrance of AK. I haven't seen it for several ...
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    Talking Tree??

    I remember a few years ago there was a talking tree (like the talking trash can) that would appear at the entrance of AK. I haven't seen it for several years. Is it gone or have I just been missing it?

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    Re: Talking Tree??

    I've heard about Palm, but I've never seen him. I've only seen Push once and DeVine twice.
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    Re: Talking Tree??

    I have seen "Wes Palm" once at the Animal Kingdom prior to the gates opening
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    Re: Talking Tree??

    Never met Wes Palm sadly - and somehow, still haven't seen Devine, even though hubby and I go out of our way to look for her on every visit - very frustrating!

    Have been charmed by the talents of PIPA the talking recycling-can in Rafiki's Planet Watch, though. Very much enjoyed seeing her doing the conga with a 2-year-old kiddy on our last trip - priceless!


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    Re: Talking Tree??

    We saw Palm about two years ago at DAK and he was still outside in the morning. Don't know if he made the "cuts".

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    Re: Talking Tree??

    Wes Palm is no longer out
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    Re: Talking Tree??

    That's sad. I remember seeing him and he "overheard" me tell my husband what his name was and he began talking to me. My daughters were amazed.

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    Re: Talking Tree??

    I sadly never saw any of them
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    Re: Talking Tree??

    wes palm...what a great guy!! love love love him!! havent seen push yet, hopefully on upcoming trip!!
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    Re: Talking Tree??

    Saw Wes Palm a few years ago. Sad to hear he's gone.
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