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Poll: What is your favorite land in the Magic Kingdom?

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Secrets of WDW Discuss Whats your favorite "land" at MK? in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I went with Frontierland.. something about hanging out.. rocking in a rocking chair on an old porch.. eating a turkey leg.. listening to ambient banjos.. waiting for a light parade.. ...
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    I went with Frontierland.. something about hanging out.. rocking in a rocking chair on an old porch.. eating a turkey leg.. listening to ambient banjos.. waiting for a light parade.. ok I need to go back now..

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    Tomorrowland, of course!!! Not only does it have the TTA, but it has the Buzz ride and I can get a great picture of just Buzz and I in that land!!!!! How perfect!!!!!!
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    All of them, of course!!!
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    i love them all...i just can't decide...each land has something and i think my head might explode if i even tried to pick!

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    I picked Main Street USA, because for me, there isnt anything more Disney than walking down Main Street toward the castle.
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    Can't decide so i choose all of them. Like toontown because i can see the "Big Cheese"

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    Main Street, USA! The smells, the castle at the end of the street - and, of course, the beginning of a great adventure!!
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    Adventureland.. It is always the first and last land I visit on each trip.. Just love POTC!!! and the tiki birds and who can forget about the Jungle Cruise at night and stopping by for a dole whip..

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    I voted for all of them.....

    I love that first step onto Main Street which always makes me feel like I'm at home again.

    I love Adventureland for Dole Whips! PotC and the Tiki Room.

    I love Frontierland for Splash Mountain, Country Bear Jamboree and Pecos Bills.

    I love Liberty Square for Haunted Mansion and the Hall of Presidents.

    I love Toontown for The Judge's Tent and seeing Mickey!

    I love Fantasyland for EVERYTHING in it!

    I love Tomorrowland for CoP and the TTA (People Mover forever!)

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    The Magic Kingdom is my favorite Park! As soon as I arrive I run for Splash Mountain, that is always the first ride I go on. But just walking down main street towards the Castle, I always have this feeling of Peace. All my troubles are lifted off my shoulders, I have a smile from ear to ear.
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    Now this is a hard decision to make.

    First-off, I've always been partial to Fantasyland. Its miniature version of Vulcania may not have fitted in with the rest of the area, and might have been better suited in Adventureland, but it perfectly embodied what I believe is the underlining purpose of Disney: The ability to entertain all ages in an immersive enviroment.
    I wouldn't go any further, as I'm sure all of you know my feelings about Leagues.

    However, with 20K's departure, there is only one answer from me - Adventureland.
    It is a real favourite of mine, and puts you in the adventurous mood right from the very start, when you pass over into the land and find yourself surrounded by authentic vegitation. Adventureland always seems to be overlooked by many, yet holds two of the most famous attractions ever to be designed for a Disney park. I would like to see more of it devoted to the Jungle Cruise themeing, to invoke more of a colonial outpost feel. A good start however would be getting rid of the Aladdin thing. It really disrupts the flow of the area, and just brings Disney down to the level of travelling fairs...
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    I agree with everything Melissa said - except the Splash Mountain thing (substitute Thunder Mtn for me).

    I just can't choose a land, it would be like choosing a favorite pet. Although JD has been getting on my nerves lately, so he is not the favorite at the moment....but I digress....ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVORITE!
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    I can't choose just one! I love Fantasyland at night b/c it's sooo magical! I love the feeling of walking around Liberty Square! And Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland have the greatest rides. It's all just so DISNEY, and I LOVE IT!!

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    ALL rock!

    ALL of em rock, because one minute you can be a cowgirl(or boy) and then the next you can be visiting the future in a rocket(that would be Space Moutain, lol)
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    I went with Adventureland. I love Pirates & the Tiki Room. It's also the ONLY place to get my lovely DoleWhip!
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