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Poll: What is your favorite land in the Magic Kingdom?

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Secrets of WDW Discuss Whats your favorite "land" at MK? in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I really couldn't pick one land. My least favorite would be Birthdayland/Starland/Toons Fair or whatever they call it now. Trying to pick one of the others is like picking my ...
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    I really couldn't pick one land. My least favorite would be Birthdayland/Starland/Toons Fair or whatever they call it now.

    Trying to pick one of the others is like picking my favorite child. Each has such individual memories and smells and feelings. In the other parks, I might could pick my favorite spot, but not MK.

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    I think I would have to say Froniterland.... cause I LOVE Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.

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    Fantasyland makes me feel like a little kid again
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    I chose Adventureland because it was the first land I worked in on the College Program, and it's still home to me. I love walking over the bridge from the hub and hearing the drums... the eggroll wagon... Dole whip... shopping... PoTC of course... steel drum band... Jungle Cruise... the plants and architecture... it takes me away. Plus, it's just a quick walk away from Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Main Street, so you can be almost anywhere you want in a few minutes!
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    I love them all

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    I chose Fantasyland because it was the most magical and fun for me when I was a kid. Now I still really like the atmosphere of it and I love the shops there. Also the fountain behind the castle that is in Fantasyland is one of my favorite things at WDW!

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    I chose tomorrowland,becuase I love the future and space mountain
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    396 shouldnt have added the ALL vote...we need to make people choose...

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    I love all the lands, but I chose Main St. because I love walking into MK with the Main street reaching out in front of me drawing me towards Cinderella's Castle.

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    I pick...... *points to the little rank thingie under her nickname*..... Frontierland!

    I love that I can forget I live in the present and I can imagine that I live in the old west or something. I just... love it.
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    i think it's so interesting to see how everyone approaches the park differently!

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    Main Street, baby! Best overall place for parades and fireworks and it snows during Christmas there. Plus it's awesome at night when the lights are on, the castle's lit up, and after most of the crowds have left.

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    I voted for Main Street USA because that is where I finally feel like I have come home. Just walking down that street makes me feel like a kid, makes me feel like there is magic in store for me. Everything feels different, looks different, I breathe differently......I love it all......but it all begins on that street!

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    I like Tomorrowland the best because of the rides, but i like adventureland because of the theme. But then again frontierland has great rides and a wonderful theme. And by theme i mean how it shows up. Oh its just too difficult to decide on a single favorite. But those 3 are a notch higher than the rest.
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    What makes MK unique to me as a park is the ability to jump back and forth between 7 very different themed lands. MGM is about movies and television... DAK is animals... EPCOT has two themes... MK has seven. AND I LOVE IT. As tempted as I was to vote for MSUSA right off the bat, I really had to stop and think... if all of the park was themed that way... would it still be my favorite park? Answer: Probably not.

    I love MSUSA for the theme, and the characters, and the street performances, and the shops, and the hidden fun stuff like the telephones, and the transportation, and all the tribute to big names in the WDW project, and the parades, and the fireworks,... and, and, and,... etc. but I also love adventureland's theme, and POTC, and JC. I love frontierland and BTMRR, SM, TSI, Country Bears, and the Hoedown. I love liberty square's theme as well, with the HM being my fav thing there, but I also love the liberty bell display, and the stocks (a fav photo op for groups of all ages). I love fantasyland for all the great rides we grew up with as kids... there is nothing there I wont still ride as an adult. I love the toontown fair because of all the neat stuff at Micky and Minnie's houses, the Barnstormer for young thrill-seekers, and Donald's boat to cool off just a bit. And i love Tomorrowland because of the theme, because of PUSH, and because it has so many cool rides, like SM, TTA, COP, and even though I liked AE better... S'sGE.

    My overall conclusion was that even though I could probably say that MSUSA was my favorite land, I don't think I would enjoy it so much if it wasn't the entrance to the other 6. MK is made great by all of them. I'm voting for all of them.
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