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Secrets of WDW Discuss Dream Finder is truly dead! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; My thoughts? Let Dreamfinder return to the Imagination Institute as a ghost and haunt Dr. Nigel Channing!...
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    My thoughts? Let Dreamfinder return to the Imagination Institute as a ghost and haunt Dr. Nigel Channing!
    ~Bobby Jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by flutter
    Dreamfinder was a real person when I met him at Epcot in 1996
    . i was born in 1997.that is just so weird!!

    when life gives you lemons..blow them up in someone pants!! lol!!

    dont mess with me bc your going to mess me up number one rule: dont uh..i ran out of things to say i know! nope i lost it..

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    I wish they would take the audio animatronic of dreamfinder and put him somewhere else in WDW. (i met him in real life too...i even have pix)
    The Goofy Princess

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    i honestly didn't realize who Dreamfinder was until i Tinkerbell's pic with him. I find my autograph book & found his signature (& figment's), maybe it's from 1996 too? I don't remember but it was my 1st time ever in WDW
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    Quote Originally Posted by vampireprincess
    . i was born in 1997.that is just so weird!!
    ur only 8 years old? im 12 ur probaly the youngest member on here... that means im the second youngest!

    Your 14 year old disney expert!

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    Well i'm 9! Good to see another kid on here!
    I just love World of Warcraft.

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    That's very sad. I remember having fond memories of him and his original ride, but to be honest, I don't think he fits in EPCOT. The conept they have now fits much better.

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    Now children.. did you get your parent's permission before posting???

    Dreamfinder always looked like that creepy guy from Pete's Dragon...
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