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    22 DRIVING hours away from WDW...(Chi-town)

    Space mountain w/ LIGHTS ON!

    Iv been ON space mountain when the lights were on!!! not in line...i was ON THE RIDE!!! I know your jealous...

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    I love to pose for the cameras...Dinosaur, RnRc, and Test Track are probably my favorite ones to pose for. lol

    This is my friend and I during one of our Dinosaur poses lol

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    OMG!! thats so funny..see mine wasn't a pose..more like a scream lol cute pic!

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    my little brother and i love posing for the cameras!! one of our favorites is rock and rollercoaster we stick out our toungs and make peace sings with our hands right when we get off we are always the first to look at our picture and everyone wonders why we are cracking up!!! on dinosaur we pretend to pick our noses and act like the dino is no big deal!!!
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    My husband and I made sure to buy the photos taken of us on ToT, TT and RR so that we had good "unplanned" faces in them. Now, especially on TT, every time we're about to "hit the wall" we both start to flip out like we're going to die so the photo is crazy. The people in the car with us always think we were honestly terrified that the ride was malfunctioning or something. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010 View Post
    Splash Mountain- where else but right at the top of Chick-a-pin Hill!!!
    I used to look directly at the camera (I believe it's up and to the right from the hill, at least in wdw) and make random facial expressions, but then I got worried that I might be ruining photos that people might actually want to buy. These days I try to sit in the back, holding up my neighbor's hand yelling, "Don't worry, I promise we can't hit the briar patch!"

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    Talking Test Track Hidden Mickey

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkTink918 View Post
    Test Track has the picture taken just before you think you're going to bust through the wall. A cool feature of the picture is if you look closely, there is a Hidden Mickey in the photo. It's on the right hand side (as you're looking at the photo).
    That is so cool, we've had our picture nearly three years and my wife spotted the hidden Mickey only last week.

    The Mickey is made up of coils of rope.

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    posin 4 pics are fun. however whenever i try to think f something cool, i always put my thumbs up! seems like i do that w/ all my pics

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    I love the pictures that are taken on rides, but somehow I never buy them. I will never forget my picture the first time I went on Splash Mountain... it was priceless. I just looked really confused (and trust me, I wasn't trying to look like this).
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    My sis and I know where all the photo shots are on the rides and love posing for them. On Dinosaur it is fun to pretend you are scared of the carnator and start making scared faces.My favorite snapshot is the one on Everest.It occurs right when you come out of the mountain.Everyone is screaming and their hais is blown back by the wind.It is awesome.

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    Yeah I did the pose for the dinosaur thing. The photo came out cool. Should have bought it

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    I have a picture taken last xmas of my 26 year old son, real tough guy(so his friends think, lol) riding Buzz and he is really into it....I will cherish that picture forever

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    Dinosaur- it's kinda obvious when you ride it once, but it's difficult to face the camera. there's a flash when you come up to the giant carnosaurus (i belive that is what it's called). thought im not sure, but i think if you look straight ahead instead of at the lizard, that is where the camera is.


    I love the pics from Dinosaur. My sister's pic was an absolute CLASSIC! Pure HORROR on her face! I love it, love it, love it. I bought a copy for myself in addition to her copy. I wasn't even on the ride with her, I stayed with the kids!

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    ony of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon is the one we took on splash mountain. john and i sat in the front row and kissed as we were going down, it is very adorable.

    i'm just glad we didn't smack our heads together!!! that would not have been so cute!!


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    I alwaqys pose for the pics, but try not to do anything to ruin the pic in case someone actually wants to buy them.

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