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Secrets of WDW Discuss NEED wonderful ride secret!! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Hi! I am new to this board but most certainly not new to Disney. I have been a lot to say the least. That is why, when I had to ...
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    NEED wonderful ride secret!!

    Hi! I am new to this board but most certainly not new to Disney. I have been a lot to say the least. That is why, when I had to choose what to speak about in my Communication class (I am in college), I instantly chose Secrets of Magic Kingdom.

    I need some help!! I am already going to talk about the hidden mickeys on the rides in Magic Kingdom, but I need some more really good secrets/things most people wouldn't know about any of the rides at Magic Kingdom. PLEASE HELP!! THANKS.

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    Hi sgay7 and welcome to!!!

    Right off the bat, if you have enough time I would suggest reading The Walt Disney World Trivia Books: Volumes 1 & 2

    In the mean time, you can start by clicking here: Secrets of the Magic Kingdom

    Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

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    If you could give us an idea of which attractions you are looking at, we may be better able to assist you.

    Off the top of my head with the Haunted Mansion:
    -In addition to several official and unofficial hidden mickeys, the HM has a hidden Donald. Or did. I'm not sure it is still there. The hidden Donald is located on a chair that used to be near the knight.

    -The unofficial hidden mickey in the ballroom scene is made up of 3 plates on the table. When the Imagineers go through, they fix the place setting removing the hidden mickey. HM CMs will then reset the plates to form a hidden mickey. This goes back and forth. It's possible to see it both ways on the same trip. I have.

    -Also, the Haunted Mansion is located in a different land in 4 of the 5 Magic Kingdoms. I don't know if HkDL has one.

    -Furthermore, there used to be a live actor that dressed up as the knight to jump ut and frighten people. It didn't last long because people retaliated.

    -In WDW...the walls move up in the stretching room whereas in DL you actually move down to enter the ride.

    -Eventhough many people assume the hitchhiking ghosts are named Gus, Phinneas, and Ezra, the imagineers never officially named them.

    Mbabe...gave you some good links.
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    Don't forget about Hidden Mickeys!!
    I have tons of of various Hidden Mickeys. If there's one you want to see, and if I have it, just ask me and I'll be glad to share it with you!

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    thanks so much for everyone's help. In my speech I am breaking it down into Main Street, the shows/parades, and rides and the secrets they each involve. Within those subtopics I am going to list two secrets.

    Main Street:
    1) the credits of the second floor buildings and the illusion of the castle being bigger than really is
    2) chemically-made cookie scent to draw ppl. in to cookie store

    1) the real story behind Tinkerbell and how she "flies"
    2) ??

    1) All the various hidden Mickey's; I am going to cite a few examples
    2) ?? I am thinking of talking about the creature that says "FSU" in SM

    ANY BETTER IDEAS OR EXTRA THINGS I COULD SAY WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED ALSO...Oh, and I am reading the second volume of the Disney Trivia Book right now (SOOO helpful!!)

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    Right here!!!
    Main Street - don't forget about the forced perspective - this is kinda why the castle seems bigger.
    Also mention how the set up is like a movie. The railroad station opens up like a curtain as you walk through and you see the posters of the coming attractions.
    Mention the untilidoors - you know when you are on mainstreet, you are actually on the 2nd floor of the Magic Kingdom?

    Shows Parades - there are sensors in the streets to keep the floats on time with the music.
    Rides...hmmmm, you could always pick a certain ride and talk about that - like the Haunted Mansion....the 999 ghosts, the "Story" behind the bride, the ring in the pavement, the hidden mickeys and the names on the tombstones - as you leave, you can see the names of the imagineers that had something to do with this ride.
    Talk about the building, and how it was made to look like it belonged...however, it looks different in Disneyland, cause it was made to look to fit in New Orleans....

    But your best bet is to get Lou's books and read both of them from beginning to end!!!

    Good luck. I have a degree in Speech Communications, and would have loved the opportunity to talk Disney in one of my speeches!
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    What or where is the creature that says FSU in SM?

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    From what I understand and have read the creature, I think maybe an owl, is just before the last drop on Splash Mountain. I think you really have to be paying attention to understand that it is actually saying "FSU." Suposedly the imagineer who created this part was an FSU graduate and wanted to "leave his mark."

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