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Site News and Information Discuss WDW in the 90's quiz!!! in the forums; James... you da man!! Be sure to test your knowledge of Walt Disney World in the 90's in dzneynut's latest online quiz!...
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    WDW in the 90's quiz!!!

    James... you da man!!

    Be sure to test your knowledge of Walt Disney World in the 90's in dzneynut's latest online quiz!
    Lou Mongello
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    Thanks for the quiz. I have totally humiliated myself now, so I will be hiding under my rock if anybody needs me.

    POINT: I have video footage clearly labelled February 2, 2000 of myself and Mr. iwannabeminnie watching the Mulan Parade at MGM. I also have airline tickets, room keys, etc. so I REALLY don't think that one should be counted wrong. Mulan did NOT take place entirely in the 90's. The other 6 I missed fair and square

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    Thanks for making that quiz - it was fun. I missed a lot, but still fun. Minnie, where is that rock, I think I need to join you!
    - Jas (Rebecca)

    I got engaged at Epcot on June 17, 2007! We're going back to celebrate my graduation in May 2009!

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    Huzzah! I have top score!

    Would've gotten the "shipped to DL for PotC" right if I trusted my instincts. And the attraction closure... knew it wasn't right, but I'm bad with dates.


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    I am apparently an idiot!! Only 3 out of 12 right!!!! And I was in the World ALOT in the '90s!!!
    "You shouldn't play leapfrog with a porcupine. You might get hurt." - Eliza Breakey, Age 4

    I HATE being back in the real world!!!!

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    A good hard quiz! I'm pretty happy with my 8 of 12 on the first pass, even though a couple of my correct answers were half-guesses!

    Walt Disney World: A History in Postcards

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