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Site News and Information Discuss Audio Guide Now Available!!! in the forums; Well, I was going to wait for the launch of the new DWT site for this, but instead, I'm happy to announce that the Audio Guide to Walt Disney World ...
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    Thumbs up Audio Guide Now Available!!!

    Well, I was going to wait for the launch of the new DWT site for this, but instead, I'm happy to announce that the Audio Guide to Walt Disney World is now available for purchase!

    You can learn more, read some early reviews and order your CD from

    Currently, the Audio Guide is only available on CD, complete with jewel case and full-color insert

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, I wanted to make these available as soon as possible (great stocking stuffers!!)

    Hope you enjoy it, and look for the next in the series coming soon!!!
    Lou Mongello
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    I have listened to the first 15 minutes of it and so far so good. I found that the CD is it is identified as a musical cd by Anjunabeats Volume 2 in iTunes on my iMac
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    Just another quality product from Lou. I look forward to getting it.
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    Love the window Lou!
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    Awesome, I'll be giving these a listen sometime soon hopefully!

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    Are you going to have these at Mousefest for sale???

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    Having listened to my copy of the Main Street Audio Guide at least 20 times in the past month, I can easily say that is is a favorite. Can't wait for more of the series. Finding WDW Radio has forever changed the way I tour the Parks - now I'm always looking down, looking up, taking picture of Hidden Mickeys, garbage cans, signs, etc.

    As always, Lou You Rock!

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    cant wait to order it
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    Great audio cd Lou!!!

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    I've been waiting for these, are they available in any stores?
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    I've sent the link to my mother... why you ask? Well... she needed Christmas ideas for me. LOL!!
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    I was lucky enough to receive a copy from Lou on the cruise last week. I have already listened to it and will listen to it again and again in preparation for my next trip to WDW in March. I will definitely "see" Main Street in a whole new way -- not just walking by to get to Fantasyland, etc. Main Street won't just be souvenier stop or Nestle cookie break anymore.

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    My review of the Audio Guide

    Here's a copy of my review of the Audio Guide from my blog...:

    Spending a day at the Magic Kingdom is one of the greatest pleasures one can have. Where else can you explore an American town in the early 1900s, take a train to the future and walk a bridge to a fantasy world where children can meet the subjects of their dreams. Unfortunately, most of us can't afford to live in Walt Disney World. And those experiences have always been limited to the occasional vacation...

    ...until now.

    Today, you can have a first class guide give you a personal Disney tour whether you are in Portland, Maine or on Main Street USA. Lou Mongello, the author of the Walt Disney World trivia books and creator of the WDW radio show has created yet another fantastic offering for friends and fans of the Disney Experience. Each recording focuses on one particular land, giving you interesting facts and trivia as well as pointing out interesting things that most people do not notice or consider. Not only is this great for people who just need to revisit the park, it may also be used by first time visitors. The Audio Guide will also prove invaluable for people with visual impairments.

    For the first offering in the series, Lou takes us through Main Street USA. With his keen eye for detail, he concisely tells the story of Main Street, hitting all the right emotional notes. Like his other endeavors, the production is slick and professional and worthy of many returns.

    I look forward to later efforts in the series, and eventually to have the entire Magic Kingdom on my ipod for what is sure to be my most informative visit.
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    I tried to order and got an error message at PayPal that you're not an authorized shopping cart user. What's up?

    The exact error message is:

    "The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user. Please review your selection and try again."

    I tried again 5 or 6 times, all with the same result!

    Help! I need my fix! I knew you released this at the NFFC meeting last month and have been checking back daily so I could order as soon as the online order page went up!
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