We are about to make a change on the Trivia/Games Forums that we hope will make things there a little easier.

First, we are creating a "sub-forum" for the number of "Survival" Threads that continually occupy the first page of the Trivia/Games Forums.

Second, we will be creating "standardized" rules for all of the "Survival" games. This should eliminate any confusion when playing multiple games.

New rules will include a "Winner's Gallery" for each "type" of Survival Game listing the "winning" entries in cronological order.

An Example is:

Magic Kingdom Survival "Winner's Gallery"

1. Carousel of Progress
2. (Insert Round 2 winner)

Each new Round will have it's own thread to cut down on extremely long threads.

Duplication of the list is encouraged to continue the "ranking" through playing the games although additional attractions may be added at the start of a new round (either because they were forgot, left off to limit list size or they are new attractions)

The current games have hurt/heal ratios anywhere from a "1/1" range to a "4/1".

It has been said that the 1/1 moves too slowly and the 4/1 too quickly.

After much discussion, administration has decided to standardize all the games at a 2/1 ratio.

Please check the updated first post of each game for the new rules.

We sincerely hope that this keeps the survival games fun and eliminates confusion in the future.

Thank you for your patience and support.


New Standardized Rules for "Survival" Games:

Here's how it works:
1. There are several different things listed (an example: "Magic Kingdom's rides"), each starting with 10 lives.
2. A player posts what they want to hurt and what they want to heal using a total of 3 points.The player can assign them in any way as long as one attraction gets hurt and one gets healed. (You cannot heal with a 3 and hurt with a 0 )

For example, if you hurt Snow White 2 times, you can heal Dumbo 1 time. Or you can hurt 1 time and heal 2 times. As long as it adds to 3 you can choose your combo.

3. If somthing is Hurt, it loses one (1) to two (2) lives.
4. If somthing is Healed, it gets one (1) to two (2) lives.
5. Players must copy and paste the status with their post.
6. Only 1 post per player per day.

At the end of a "Round" the winner will be added to the game's "Winner's Gallery" and the next round may be started (minus the winner) with a new thread.


The new rules will go into effect on all Survival Games as of 10:00 PM Thursday December 15, 2005.*

* All Threads will be edited at that time to add these rules to the first post of each thread.