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    Thumbs up U.s. Soldier Brings Disney Magic To The Iraqi Desert


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    Disney World Trivia Book Provides An Anchor To Home

    Edison, NJ, April 20, 2006 — For Platoon Sergeant Craig T. Silva, SFC, US, Multi-National Division, Baghdad, even the torrential rains and brutal dust storms in the Iraqi desert can’t keep him from enjoying a little Disney magic. Silva, who is the Platoon Sergeant for GIS (Geospatial Information & Services) Section at a Division level, keeps a copy of author Lou Mongello’s 2004 book, “The Walt Disney World Trivia Book,” close at hand to remind him of the good times he spent with his family at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

    “I believe I picked up your book in ‘05 in the Orlando Airport on our way home from Disney World,” said Silva in an email sent to Mongello through his website, “My wife saw it on the shelf and thought it might be fun to quiz each other on the flight home. I read it now to remember the good times that my family and I had—and will have—again.”

    Silva, who says that Internet access from Iraq is frequently down due to power outages, found quite by accident. “Out here we have NIPR (Non-secure Internet Protocols) net and it won’t let us access much,” said Silva. “It was just pure luck that I tried your address. For whatever reason, the Military Net gives me unlimited access to your site. No other Disney site is authorized for access. Your website is pretty much the bright spot in my whole day.”

    Since finding the site, several members of his platoon have posted on the site’s community forums and Silva has been in continuing contact with site owner, Lou Mongello. In addition to using “The Walt Disney World Trivia Book” to pass the time, Silva uses it to convert other members of the platoon into Disney nuts by rewarding those who answer Disney trivia questions correctly with days off. “My platoon has 10 actual Disney fans, but 20 total soldiers,” said Silva. “Only one other person besides me is a real trivia buff, but I am slowly converting them over.”

    Author Lou Mongello, who has sent the platoon a care package of books, pins, lanyards, luggage tags, and other sundries, has a photo hanging in his office of Silva holding a copy of his book with members of his platoon around him. “This really meant a lot to me that he chose to take my book along and use it to help boost morale for his platoon,” says Mongello. “Of all the feedback I have received since the book came out, this one really struck me.”

    Silva’s team, who is in Iraq for the second time in a three year period, has done everything from providing battlefield visualization products to the Commanding General and primary staff, to breaking down doors, defending hospitals and escorting convoys. His unit earned the distinction of being the only GIS section with a Purple Heart from an IED/Ambush. “I just want to say that you can be proud of every one of these soldiers serving with me,” said Silva.“I have been truly blessed to be leading such a fine group of soldiers. The pride I have in my Platoon is like that of a Father with his children…they do each and every mission, no matter how difficult, with courage and professionalism from start to finish.”

    Platoon Sergeant Craig T. Silva (standing, left) -

    magickingdom67 on

    and members of his platoon with author Lou Mongello’s book,

    “The Walt Disney World Trivia Book”

    Standing row left to right
    SFC Craig Silva-CA., SGT Robin Buckhouse-WI., SPC Scott Cecilio-MD., SPC Devin Leonard-NY., SPC Christopher Knight-FL., SGT Scott Gilligan-CA.

    Kneeling row left to right
    SPC John Sosa-NY., SPC Alyssa Rang- AZ., SPC Lyda Cannon-MN., PFC Courtney Joyner-UT.

    Not Pictured
    CW2 William Russell-MD., SSG Anthony Jackson-OH., SGT Tiffany Bryant-AR., SPC Michael Graham-FL., SPC Jason Terry-KY., SPC Sylvia Tumball-FL., PV2 Brian Brokling-WY., PV2 William Smith-FL.
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    VERY COOL! Have'nt seen you around much lately Craig! Be safe each and everyone of you!!!!!

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    That is so awesome! Craig & co., our thoughts & prayers are with you. Hope to see you all home at Disney soon!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    This is such a great article and such a great gesture on your behalf to send over a care package to our troops to help raise moral. Thank you so much for supporting our troops and a BIG THANK YOU to our Troops over seas, with out you all our country would be nothing! You all are in my prayers along with my Cousin Charlie! I will think of you all always!!
    Thanks again Lou for posting and sharing this article with us!!
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    ^^My thoughts exactly!! Haven't seen you in awhile and hope you are ALL safe.

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    That's amazing! Our gratitude goes out to all of you!!
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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    Thank you Craig for joining our forum and for all that you are doing for our freedom

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    Wow! Great article! Thanks to Lou for sharin' it with all of us & doing such a great job with it. Thank you Craig for all you do! We miss ya around here!
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    Great Article. Be safe!
    "Por favor mantaganse alejado de las puertas"
    GO RED SOX!!!!
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    Thank you for sharing the article with us Lou. I teared up reading it. It is great that your book has reached so many.

    Craig and Co.,
    Thank you for doing such a great job protecting our country. Wishing you the best. Please know that you are appreciated.

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    God bless you, ladies and gentlemen of our Armed Forces!

    ETA: 2100!

    Por favor mantanganse alijado de las puertas.

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    Thank you Craig and Company!
    They call me "Nana"

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    I want to thank you all for the shows of support, and a BIG thank you to "JT" for helping me with the great Press Release.
    Lou Mongello
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    From a long line of military family members....and in the process of joining the Air Force Reserves.....thanks for all that you do for us. I always love seeing pictures of our troops enjoying some of the small reminders of home.
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    Wishing you all a safe return, and just to say the members of the forum in the UK think of you all (and our own) and the good job you are doing in harsh conditions.

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