As you may have already noticed, the site has (once again) been refurbished for your future enjoyment!

Like an off-season attraction rehab, the main site has reopened with a new look and feel to it!

The changes are somewhat minor, but noticeable, and inlcude:

As you will see, the navigation has been expanded and moved to the left hand side of the screen. This will allow visitors to be able to find the various sections of the site more easily.

Also, the flash header has been modified to be less processor-intensive, and the stars that follow your mouse (yo unever noticed that?) are improved

The main page also has a new News feed, which will link you to news articles from a variety of sources

The home page also has an improved list of new posts, under this graphic: These will link you directy to that forum and post so you can keep up to date with the happenings on the forums right from the home page!

Each page now has a dark blue nav bar under the header to take you to the major areas of the site, including the forums, photo galleries, trivia, etc.
There will be updates to the section right on the home page, so you can see what's been happening at!

Be sure to shop our new Store, with new shirts, hats mugs and more!! And remember, portions of the proceeds from any item sold on the site will go to the

I'm still looking for people to contribute articles, news, trip reports, advice, etc. to our Mouse M.A.P. section of the site. This is your chance to be famous and get published! (OK, maybe not famous, but...)

I'm always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea or comment, want to offer help, etc., please email me at

I hope you enjoy the changes to the site, and look for new features, articles and improvements all the time!!