As soon as your order is complete, you should have received an email from a address with your unique download code.
It may have inadvertently been put in a Spam folder, so you might be able to see if it was automatically filed there.

In any case, you can still get your download code by following these steps:

1. Click on SHOP in the navigation bar at, and login on the shop in the right hand column.

2. Login using your SHOPPING CART username and password (NOT the same as the forum username and password, but what you registered when you checked out in the store)

3. Click on the "Account Maintenance link"

4. Click on "view" for its order

5. From there, you will find a download link in the middle of the order (if the order is confirmed)

6. Click on the link and then the Start Download button

7. Your file will be a ZIP (compressed) file. You will need to extract the file, which will contain the MP3 (audio) files, as well as image files of the cover art, etc.

8. Note that you have 3 downloads of the file that must be completed within 5 days. If you have any difficulties after that time, email lou [a t ]

Thanks, and enjoy!