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Technical Support Discuss Problem loading new site in the Community Center forums; My ISP is AOL and I can't get WDWRadio to load completely. The graphic at the top of the Home Page doesn't come up at all; the little circle just ...
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    Problem loading new site

    My ISP is AOL and I can't get WDWRadio to load completely. The graphic at the top of the Home Page doesn't come up at all; the little circle just keeps going around. Then when I click to go to Forums, the top of the page is all text, no graphics at all. I can get it to load properly if I get off AOL and log on through IE or Comcast. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Problem loading new site


    Sorry for the problems you are having. I spend a great deal of time doing cross-browser testing, and am sorry to see that AOL's browser is not displaying properly. Are you sure you have all updates installed? If you're able to login and browse through IE, that may be best as it has been sufficiently tested. Let me know if i can be of any help.
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    Re: Problem loading new site

    FYI Lou, I use IE. The only way the site will allow me to sign in is to check the little box by password, Remember Me. I don't know if it is
    this charming Vista I have or what. If I don't check that box after I put my member name in & password, hit log in, it goes to a sign in screen, ignoring that I just did. If I check the box, no problem.
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