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The Teen Corner Cafe' Discuss Phil Of The Future Info!! in the General Discussions forums; Well for now, i have recieved some information, trivia, etc on POTF..I will soon get info on if POTF will be coming back and some sneak previews! Trivia The series ...
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    Exclamation Phil Of The Future Info!!

    Well for now, i have recieved some information, trivia, etc on POTF..I will soon get info on if POTF will be coming back and some sneak previews!

    The series working title was going to be "The Out of Timers" but was later reworked to "Phil of the Future."

    Wilder Shaw was originally going to play the role of Phil Diffy.

    Phil Diffy's character was suppose to be age 12 instead of 15 and 16.

    Phil's working name was going to be Felix Diffy.

    The series was created and executive produced by Douglas Tuber & Tim Maile (Lizzie McGuire).

    The name of the school Phil and Pim go to is called Herbert G. Wells High School. Herbert G. Wells, better known as H.G. Wells, was the author of the book, The Time Machine. This may be a joke, as the Diffys arrive in present-day in a time machine.
    Goofs and Notes
    • In the episode, "Team Diffy," Lloyd says that when a time machine is activated, there is an orange light. However, in "Back to the Future," there is a white light when Lloyd tests the machine.
    • In the episode "Broadcast Blues", when Phil is hiding in the trash can filming Keely undercover as a janitor he isn't wearing headphones. When the shot cuts away and back to Phil he's wearing large headphones, and when the shot cuts away once again the headphones are around his neck.
    • In "Team Diffy," Andy Baxley- played by guest star Orlando Brown- zaps Phil with a wizard while he's pouring milk for Curtis. Phil spills milk all over Curtis and Keely, but when Phil and Keely greet Andy, Keely's shirt is clean.
    • Fred Savage, best known for his role as "Kevin Arnold" on The Wonder Years, is a director/producer on the show. His brother Ben Savage of Boy Meets World guest-starred in "Time Release Capsule" (Season Two) as himself.
    • In the season one episode "My Way", ep. #7 (ep. #15 in broadcast order), Keely (Alyson Michalka) sings the song "Protecting Me" three times in the episode. The song was written by Alyson's younger sister Amanda. A longer version can be heard on Aly & AJ's debut album "Into the Rush."
    PHIL DIFFY'S REAL NAME IS Raviv Ullman not RICKY!! He is from Israel and was forced to change his name dude to the agreement of his contract

    Phil is really 19, not 15, like in the show. He was the oldest boy to try out for the part and has recently graduated High School

    I will try to get more information as possible!

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    I miss this show, i wish they had at least ended it with a TV movie or something or if they made it so the Diffy's stayed in the past and Phil and Keely got to be together. They were such a cute TV couple!! The last episode made me cry although it kinda ended so you don't know how things ended up.
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    I didn't notice it was gone... I guess I just figured in the last episode when they had to go back that the time machine broke down again

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    the last episode made me cry a little too. they are a cute couple together. but wouldnt it be cool if keeley got to go to the future with phil and she like stayed there for like a day. .. sadly enought this is probably not whats gonna happen unless they surprise us and bring us some new episodes over the summer..
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