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Transportation Discuss Southwest Announces changes to Boarding Cattle Call in the Vacation Planning forums; ...
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    Southwest Announces changes to Boarding Cattle Call

    Got this email from Southwest Airlines today. It's now operating in San Antonio.

    Open Seating is Here to Stay!
    You spoke and we listened. Today, Southwest Airlines is thrilled to announce that you will continue to be able to choose your favorite seat once onboard the aircraft. And it doesn’t stop there! We’ve figured out how to make our open seating method even better by doing away with the so called “cattle call” and eliminating the need to “camp out” in the boarding line.
    Beginning in early November, you will be assigned not only a boarding group (A, B, or C) but also a number within that boarding group based on the time you check in for a flight (for example: A32). This unique combination represents your reserved spot in your boarding group. Next, listen for one of our friendly gate agents to announce your group. When your group is called, simply take a position next to the column that represents your boarding number and proceed onto the airplane to find your favorite seat. Boarding columns will be divided into groups of five.
    Head off to "Boarding School" for a complete tutorial of our new way to board.

    View Boarding Tutorial
    We are so excited to bring you this innovative solution that will not only enhance your travel experience but also allow us to maintain our core values. And stay tuned, because this might just pave the way for some other exciting things we still have up our sleeve for later this year...
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    Interesting... that's just like what they used to have at the airport... they'd hand out numbers as you checked in. Now they've just extended that old system to internet checkin.

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    Just like every other idea, if the numerals aren't enforced, you'll still have people jumping the cue to get on first. The airlines will either ignore the numerals or the they will spend more time checking the order of the numerals than they would if they had given everyone seats.
    I'd like to see them board by groups; children traveling alone go first, so they can be given seats close to the staff. Next are groups of people that are traveling together so they can fill a row together. Next, window seats, then middle seats, then aisle.
    Some International flights have limited the baggage to one carry-on, and that includes a purse. If carry-ons were limited there would be less "stuff" that people need to stow and less time for them to get settled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by satijp View Post
    Interesting... that's just like what they used to have at the airport... they'd hand out numbers as you checked in. Now they've just extended that old system to internet checkin.
    It isn't quite the same but very close.
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    It will be interesting. I usually have to wait an hour at the head of the line, always A, to get on board first, right after the preboards.
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    If you click the link, it also says that they are changing preboarding for families with kids under five to board one kid, one adult between group a and b.
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    The one problem we had with the cattle call style boarding was with our large group last April. My sister-in-law ended up with one seat in one aisle for her and one a couple rows behind for her 2year old daughter. When she refused to be separated the Southwest staff would not ask anyone to change with her and not let her have Paige on her lap. She got quite upset (we had had a long day) and yelled "will someone please change seats so I can sit with my daughter!" Finally someone kindly switched with her so she could have two seats together. I like the assigned seating better.

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