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    Question Car Hire?

    I wonder if anyone can help

    We are visiting Disney from the UK in April

    I have looked into hiring a car for 7 days of the 14 we are staying at Disney CBR

    Question: How much approx does it cost to fill your cars up in Florida

    I have had 2 quotes from the same company to pick up at the Dolphin

    One quote is with a full tank of fuel and the other without

    The diffence in cost is about 20 or about $35 more to have the car with a full tank of fuel

    Would it be best to pay the extra for the tank of fuel or get them to fill up when we arrive

    Any help greatly received as I dont know how much your fuel is. But here it would cost us about 40/$70 to fill up an indermediate size car

    I am holding off booking the car hire so any advice would be greatly received

    Kind Regards


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    Gass here is usually in the $3.00 range per gallon. I've seen it as cheap as $3.00 and as high as $4.00 American Dollars, though the average seems to be about $3.10. How much it would cost to fill up the car entirely, I would assume, would depend on the make of the car and size of the gas tank.
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    The car they are quoting for is a Pontiac G6 or similar

    I dont know what sort of car that is as we dont have those here.

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    I would definitely do some comparitive shopping, rates can vary greatly with car rentals. I was listening to another podcast and I believe they mentioned Dollar......... Dollar Car Rental. Reserve your next rental car through our convenient and secure online car rental reservation center.and Budget car rentals..........Car Rental From Budget | Budget I'll try to find the podcast to see exactly what they were saying. The prices of gas have been fluctuating so it's hard to determine what they will be in April but I think Sorria is right about the $3.00 range and if you figure you have a midsize car maybe it's around a 16-17 gallon tank or so. I'll try to find that podcast and post back later
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    Good God! $70 to fill up a medium-sized car! Wow! I'll never complain about gas again.

    Anyway, I found a website about that gives some info on the Pontiac G6
    Pontiac G6: Information and Much More from
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    Re: Car Hire?

    The full tank option is only a good deal if you will be turning the car back to the rental car company with close to an empty tank. Otherwise, don't take that option and fill it back up yourself before you return it.

    Unfortunately, that's a decision you have to make before you rent (hire) the car.

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