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Transportation Discuss Carseats on Magical Express? in the Vacation Planning forums; If your DC still uses a carseat, did you use one on the Magical Express? Did you bring your own or does Disney provide them? My DD, who will be ...
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    Carseats on Magical Express?

    If your DC still uses a carseat, did you use one on the Magical Express? Did you bring your own or does Disney provide them?

    My DD, who will be 3.5 for our next potential trip, will still be in a harnessed carseat. She's never been on a bus, and if WDW was a little closer I wouldn't bat an eye to just seat-belting her. I wasn't planning on traveling with a carseat, but maybe I should?
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    Hi there!!

    My son had just turned 2 the last time we went to WDW. We did not use a car seat when we used ME and I was terrified but we made it through, with him held tightly on my lap. There were a lot of young kids on our bus, both to and from the airport, that were without car seats too!

    Hope this helps!

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    Florida law does not require car seats on buses, so Disney would not be required to provide one for you.

    I'm not sure you even could use a car seat on DME - the coach bus seats are not the same as in a car, and they do not have the proper seat belts for securing most car seats in place (most require a shoulder belt or LATCH hooks to buckle in correctly).
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    I agree with the above posts.
    We used the ME with our then-23month old. My DH and I took turns holding her, and the movie and the windows provided most of her entertainment.
    If you are using the Disney transportation from hotel to the parks, you will be on buses (or monorail, or ferryboat depending where you are) and will have to hold your DD on those as well.
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    Like the others said, they are not required nor have a place to hook them up properly on buses. She will be fine. Kids loooooovvvvve looking out the windows on the bus.

    Maybe you could take a "pretendcation" , as my DD has recently coined day trips, to somewhere near you on a bus a few times to get her reaction and to teach her some bus ettiquette so she is not overwhelmed on the ME bus.
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    Child safety seats ("car seats") require seat belts or the LATCH system to be secured to a vehicle. Buses (except for some school buses) are not equipped with seat belts or LATCH. As a result, it is impossible to use car seats on buses. This includes both flavors of buses used by WDW, the plush motorcoaches of Disney's Magical Express and the "city buses" of Disney Transport.

    In fact, using a car seat without securing it to the vehicle would be incredibly more dangerous than not using the seat at all.

    Even forget about Disney for a second ... all over the country, millions of young children ride city buses and inter-state buses with their parents every day. I say this just to illustrate that it's "normal" ... it's not like WDW is being irresponsible or unsafe.

    And just so you don't think I'm only talking theory here, a little background: For our 2 recent trips, our kids were 5 and 2.5, and then 6.5 and 4. My wife is a board-certified pediatrician, and I am a therapist who works with survivors of motor vehicle accidents. In other words, we are both intimately aware of the effects of accidents on the human body and mind ... we see it when things go horribly wrong. And yet we had no qualms with using the full spectrum of WDW transportation during both trips, which means we could not use car seats either time. We did this with no fear, with no second thoughts. Not because it's Disney, but because it's just the normal safe way to do things.
    -- Eric

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