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Transportation Discuss Parking in the Vacation Planning forums; Can anyone tell me how much it is to park at the resorts if you are staying there? Also, are there in/out privileges? thanks,...
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    Can anyone tell me how much it is to park at the resorts if you are staying there? Also, are there in/out privileges?

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    Re: Parking

    It's free to park at the Disney resorts if you are a guest there. I remember that Universal would always charge their guests to park at the resorts they were staying at and I always thought that was such a bad way to make a buck. Sorry not sure what you mean by in and out privileges but you are free to come and go as you please (if that's what you mean) although some of the deluxe resorts have valet parking so if you choose that option I think there is a fee attached to that.
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    Re: Parking

    I believe the Swan and Dolphin (not Disney resorts but with a few of the perks) charge for parking but the others do not. I think their charge is around $12 but I could be wrong.

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    Re: Parking

    The hotels in Downtown Disney charge a nightly parking fee for guests as well as visitors.

    The Hilton was $12/night. You had to get a hangtag at the front desk and there were no additional in/out fees.

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    Re: Parking

    Parking is free that I know of and valet is only $10. Handicapped valet for free.
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    Re: Parking

    Something to add: if you're staying at a Disney resort, they'll give you a pass for your car. If you chose to drive to one of the parks for the day instead of taking Disney transportation, show the person at the booth your pass and they'll let you in free. Saves the $12/day parking at the parks too!!

    I believe that valet is for all day, so you'd have the in/out privileges, but I'm not positive (so don't quote me! )

    If you go to a resort that is not the resort you're staying at, you get a 3 hour parking pass (free.) If you valet your car at that resort, they don't attach a time limit.

    Also...if you're ever in the area and want to stop at any of the resorts for a meal just 'cause you're close (not that I've ever done that!!!) The Disney resorts never charge for parking unless it's valet. You can always go get that meal at OHana and get the 3 hour pass. The only time Disney makes you pay for parking is at the parks for $12, and valet for $10. Downtown Disney is also free.

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    Re: Parking

    If you're staying at a resort that is on WDW property, but is not OWNED by Disney (such as the Hilton at Downtown Disney), you have to pay for parking at the resort. If you take your car to a park, you have to pay for parking there as well.

    It's different if you're staying at a Disney-owned-and-operated resort. Then you get free parking at the parks.

    Downtown Disney parking is free, but I don't think they allow you to leave your vehicle overnight.

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