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Transportation Discuss Carry-On Luggage Fees; Spirit Airlines in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by SnwhtNdwrfs Can only fly American out of here. Really the cost hasn't been too horrible when I consider time to drive and gas. Parking costs the same ...
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    Re: Carry-On Luggage Fees; Spirit Airlines

    Quote Originally Posted by SnwhtNdwrfs View Post
    Can only fly American out of here. Really the cost hasn't been too horrible when I consider time to drive and gas. Parking costs the same but my time is worth a lot. Plus after a tiring trip, it isn't that safe to drive 3 hours. Almost fell asleep once when we did that. Not going to again.
    We pretty much always drive all the way to Florida, and this past March was the first time it was just my boyfriend and I. I thought maybe flights would be cheaper since it's just two in a car instead of 5-7 like we usually have. We added it up and it was JUST over $200 for gas, round trip. And I'm from near Toronto, Ontario! We haven't had a problem doing the 21 hour drive back home after the trip either as far as getting tired goes, so long as we stay overnight at a hotel (we can find one for around $50 always) and we don't do any night driving. So overall, transportation was about $300. I've yet to find flights for BOTH of us for $300... or really even close when you factor in the gas to drive to Buffalo, plus the price of parking, etc.

    I guess my point is, I hate flying. Haha. It's a necessary evil though for the cruise cause I can't take off the Friday and I want to be there early enough before the cruise. Ah well... I guess I'll just have to **** it up. Plus, there are lots of places I can't drive to that I'll have to fly eventually haha, I better get used to it!

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    Re: Carry-On Luggage Fees; Spirit Airlines

    Quote Originally Posted by zippitydoodah View Post
    Hm. Unhappy pilots= are planes going to be as safe now? I'm a VERY nervous flier and I don't like the idea of disgruntled pilots. Pay them more! As soon as I can afford to I'm flying wonderful, reliable, multiple free bags Air Canada. I flew to Newfoundland on AC, and it was a TINY 4 person across plane, and it was to an airport that was just one room (you had to climb stairs to board and exit), and yet every seat had a personal touch screen tv, there were plenty of snacks and drinks, the seats were comfy and the flight attendants were lovely and friendly.

    I have several friends who are pilots... MOST of them really like their job. (The one who doesn't.... flys for Spirit LOL!)

    They are all very concerned about your safety Remember THEY are on the plane with you... they have a vested interest in your safety!

    The "comfort" and "TV" have absolutely nothing to do with "safety"

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    Re: Carry-On Luggage Fees; Spirit Airlines

    Being a pilot (not airline) and working in the aviation industry, I can tell you safety is a pilots number one concern. And believe me, the size of the plane makes no difference on how safe it is. It's all psychological.
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