I'm thinking about staying at the Beach Club (renting DVC points) for our next trip, because of it's proximity to Epcot, and also 'cause the pool looks awesome. However, I've got a couple of questions, having only stayed at CBR before.

Is there a way to get from Beach Club to the FRONT entrance of Epcot? I know the walk to the International Gateway is short, but I kind of have a thing about walking through the front gates of Epcot on my first day (a little strange, I know, but it's a family tradition now)

Also, if we were staying at the MK one evening, but wanted to get back via the monorail, could we take it to Epcot, then still enter Epcot to walk through to the international gateway? What's the cutoff time that they let people into Epcot to do this kind of thing? I assume it's around 9 but wanted to make sure that "last entry" wasn't actually earlier.