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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Trip Report, Veri's WDW vows in the Vacation Planning forums; Hello all. First of all, arranging ti was very easy. I contact the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Folks and they pretty much laid it all out for me. They provided ...
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    Trip Report, Veri's WDW vows

    Hello all.

    First of all, arranging ti was very easy. I contact the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Folks and they pretty much laid it all out for me. They provided a bunch of worksheets detailing your choices for music, cake, beverages, flowers etc. A Wedding Coordinator walked me through the whole process. I dealt with Karen Serrette who was great!

    I chose an officiant form a list that was provided. Reverend Day. He was great too!

    After I got to WDW I called Karen provided her the details about the resort we were staying at (Old Key West) and reviewed the time line with her one last time.

    The day prior to the ceremony Karen called me again, did another quick run down of events

    The limo showed up, we hopped in and went to the Polynesian. Our Ceremony was slated for Sunset Point. of course it rained and plan B went into effect. The coordinator had a back up Plan to use a chapel at Polynesian, but she said she thought it was too dark, so instead we ended up at The Grand Floridian and used one of the patios/Porticos ont he seconf floor The one to the right of the big stair case. Very nice. The coordinator went form Plan B to Plan C with out a hitch.

    Music & ceremony followed, a violinist was part of the package. The cake was trundled out, Mickey and Minnnie Showed up, all very nice and well orchestrated by the coordinator. Pictures at the Grand Floridian followed. Then it was back to Old Key West to drop off the remainder of the cake and off to dinner at Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge. The only down side was that the limo driver somehow got lost going from old Key West to Wilderness Lodge and we ended up in Orlando as well as circled Down Town Disney several times.

    Overall I think the cost was pretty reasonable, I did some add in of extra limo hours some character visits and upgraded the picture package, but for the quality and orchestration it was well worth it.

    The wedding Coordinator was great! She walked us through everything. All we had to do was make some intial decisions and then show up. She orchestrated/choreographed everything flawlessly.

    Mickey and Minnie dropping in was a blast! We spent a half hout with them.. They helped cut the cake dances with us and many mnay pictures. Well worth the add on expense wise.

    As a surprise giuft we received matching fairly tale dwedding watches with the Castle ont he face of the time peice. very nice and nto expected at all.

    With out a doubt a great experince!

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    So glad you had a great experience. I am trying to set something up for my parents to have their anniversary and a renewal of their vows.
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    Sounds like you had a great experience..

    First Trip- Jan. 07, POFQ
    Second Trip- May 08, Pop Century

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    Congrats on your wedding!! Did you have ay guest or was it just you and the hubby? And ....we want pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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