This is our 2 year old Zach's first plane ride and vacation. Kris and I have been to WDW a few times in the past. The last big trip there was in '98. Let me know how this TR is. Long winded, too brief, boring, etc. Thanks. Mark

Friday 12-03-04
Day 1
We wake early for our 10:00 flight out of Midway on ATA. They are leaving MDW so this will be our last with them unfortunately. Our neighbor works for them as well so she took us in and dropped us for curbside check- in. A total of 15 minutes from there to the gate was a good start. This would also be Zach’s first plane ride and vacation (what do 2 year old’s take vacation from???). He did well on take off for the warm sunny state of Disney, I mean Florida. Good-bye snow and cold!
Arrival at MCO and a very smooth baggage retrieval and rental car pick up from Budget. We whisked out of there using the south exit and were on property in about 15 minutes. Well worth the $2 in tolls. It was great to see the Disney arch over Epcot drive. The entry to Port Orleans French Quarter was a good sight, finally there!! A quick check in, and off to our room! Building 7 room 7211 was good enough for me. Sure it was far to the pool/ Sassagoula/ bus stop, but that was fine. We took our time doing things anyway and we loved the picturesque view along the river.
Mom and Zach wandered around and played at the playground while I went to Winn Dixie near Crossroads mall to get the staples for the week: diapers, milk, water, Crystal Light mix, snack crackers, Slim Jim (Zach’s favorite) and film. We reserved a fridge for milk and yogurt and such for Zach. This turned out to be such an asset. They stopped at the food court to get a souvenier mug and chicken strips.
I returned and we headed off to ride the monorail. Zach has been VERY anxious since we put up my monorail set at home 2 weeks prior. We headed to Polynesian for dinner at O’hana (our favorite). It was about a 45-minute wait so this was a great time to do a quick run around Bay Lake. Zach’s first ride was monorail black. And… we got to be co- pilots!! I have not done that since I was a kid!! What a treat! We even got our co- pilots licenses. The view was great but this ride did not have the bi-lingual spiel. Awww man! I liked the Stitch add- on near MK. Finally we got to dinner and Zach fell asleep while we were eating. We were all beat anyway.
We went back to the room to call it a day and loved the stories on tv. We ended up buying Nemo at The Living Sea in Epcot so we can enjoy this at home.

Saturday 12-04-04
Day 2
We went out to the Mote Museum in Longboat Key near Sarasota. This is an aquarium and hospital for marine life from the Gulf and Atlantic. We purchased a paver brick a few years ago and saw it near the stingray touch tank. It’s neat, go check it out.
We headed back to POFQ and dinner at Sassagoula. I had a chicken wrap and cheesecake, and mom and Zach had a Philly cheese steak and worms in dirt. We did a quick jaunt around EPCOT in the monorail and then headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping. That was a big mistake! It was packed to the gills there. We stayed long enough for a train ride and merry go round ride. Now it was time to go back to our room via the boat at DD to the POFQ docks. The CM/captain was very funny. She asked if anyone knew what EPCOT stood for and of course someone blurted Experimental yadda yadda yadda yadda. WRONG! Every Person Comes Out Tired, Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday and the zinger- Every Pocket Comes Out Thinner. Hahaha!!

Sunday 12-05-04
Day 3

Woke up to another beautiful day! Sun and 80’s was very pleasant. We jump on the bus for EPCOT at 9:21 and were there by 9:39 even with the stops at Riverside. Full bus too! We arrive to find…a security check. Wait a minute! I’m not in the airport. Well, better safe than sorry I guess. 5 minutes to get through that and straight to the LAL walls. We tried looking for my aunts square but it was so recently done it wasn’t up. Oh well, we’ll look for it next time. First attraction was Universe of Energy. Still a good show as I remembered. The darkness and dinosaurs did not bother Zach. He looked mesmerized by all the action. We then stopped by Ice Station Cool to almost get run over by a runaway scooter. Some poor lady had it accelerate and plowed into someone. The kicker was she got up and walked away! Hmmm. Zach loved the watermelon pop. Next to Journey into Imagination. Not bad. Kind of cheesy but it was good. Zach wasn’t interested in the science part of it though. We got a FastPass for HISTA then wandered around some. I then wandered over to the circles and stood in the middle of WDW for about 10 minutes just thinking about how only 35 years ago or so this was just open land and swampy. No Spaceship Earth, Illuminations, Monorail …. Nothing. Good job Walt, and a late Happy Birthday! Off to HISTA. Zach loved the visual effects. He didn’t like the dog sneeze though. More meandering and taking in the sites. Time for lunch! A turkey leg, big pretzel was plenty for three of us. Never tried the legs here, mmmmmmmmm good! Now for Spaceship Earth. Still awesome after all these years. We even got stuck on the very top for about 5 minutes. Zach liked it too! We then departed back to the room for a nap. Well, that was the plan. Ok just a rest, and then back to EPCOT for the night. Living Seas and The Land finished up Future World for us. I liked the Nemo tie ins at LS. Zach really loved the Nemo tank there. Something to plan for home huh? Now Zach finally took a nap…right in the middle of TL at the hydroponics part. Too bad, he missed a lot of neat stuff. I still want to try that at home.
We then headed to World Showcase to find some dinner. Every time we have been here we have always eaten in Mexico. Not this time! We browsed around the shops there though. We made it to China and watched the acrobats. They are very talented. We ended up stopping at The Lotus Blossom for chow. I had egg rolls and veggie lo-mein, and Kris had the orange chicken. As usual, Zach nibbled from both our plates. We checked out the shops here as well. We checked out every nation and stopped in the Tangerine Café for a snack and I have been waiting to try some Turkish coffee. I found nothing that said “Turkish coffee” and even asked the CM and she said there was nothing like that, the only thing close would be the Moorish. It’s espresso-like, kind of. I took a sip and whoaaaahhh! I’ve had espresso before but this was STRONG, but good. Glad we got chocolate cake too! By this time it was time for Illuminations so we relaxed nearby and took in the show. It was marvelous. Great music and awesome fireworks.
After that we slowly made our way to the exit. Very slowly. The wait for the bus was long, about 25 minutes, but we got back to POFQ very quick. Today went by just too quickly.

Monday 12-06-04
Day 4

Magic Kingdom
Today was very warm and humid. Upper 80’s and sunny. The park ended up being very crowded. The last time I was here in early Dec it was not this crowded. It was June/July crowded. First thing after “Checkpoint Chicky” was to get some pics by the flower Mickey. We did not really have any sort of plan of attack except to hit Toontown Fair, which we never ended up at. You’ll see why soon. The first ride was WDR all the way around. Zach has been waiting for this al week too. After that we headed to Main Street Bakery for some food. Long wait, but quick service though. Fruit and croissants, juice and some snacks for the day. Afterwards we just soaked up the sun and sights. We ended up heading toward Tommorowland. But not before Zach’s first fit of the day. First off he is off schedule being an hour ahead, the weather was already very humid, and then he had his final molars coming in. So as you can tell, it would be interesting. This session lasted about 10 minutes. Ok, now we finally enter Tommorowland and some nice family gave us 3 FP’s for Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It was already in effect so we beeline right over there. This attraction placed Zach into a better mood. I have never been on this, so it was a treat. Zach loved and gave us his usual “More more more”. Not until we get some Tylenol or something. Oh it HAD to be something chewable or else he would not take it. Two CM’s went waaaay out of their way to see if there was any chewable Tylenol available anywhere in the park. 3 minutes later the Child Care Center radioed they had some. Thanks to all who helped. Ok, now we race over there and buy some and…..”NO” was Zach’s response. AGHH! We finally get him to take 1 after we each took 1. Ok, now back to Tommorowland for jaunt around TTA. This even placed Zach into an even better mood. Nice as always. COP was still good, but it seems as if they added music while the characters were talking which made it hard to hear them speak. Might need to be refurbed. After that we snapped some pics with Dale right at the exit. By this time it was lunchtime. Finding nothing in Toontown we hopped the train to Frontierland and headed to Pecos Bills. Chicken wrap with carrots and a bacon cheeseburger and fries satisfied us. Kind of a long wait however, but good food.
After that we wander the shops and head to Snow White and Philharmagic. That was awesome! We all loved it, especially the smell of the cakes! Good job!! Mom and Zach jumped on the Dumbo ride and Cinderella Golden Carousel. We tried doing the LB Riverboat, but fit number 2 come upon us. Ok, back to the room we go! He fell right asleep on the bus.
W all rested and headed back to MK. I think we tried to see and do too much when he was just not up to doing much. It was already 5:30 so we kind of wandered and shopped around. We lined up right at the split of MS and TL. We enjoyed the parade but Zach didn’t like the villain. We bee lined to TTA again and jumped on the Speedway. Zach loved this. He had a smile the whole time. I tried videotaping mom and Zach driving around to no avail. The driver in front of me must not have gotten the concept of a gas pedal! Wishes started just as we were hopping of the ride so we plopped down next to Tea Party and take in the show. Amazing! We ended the day with a magical smile together.