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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Quick trip report 3/5/07 in the Vacation Planning forums; Well, I think we must have made it in right before the Spring Break crowds. I took flew into Tampa late Sunday night and then picked my 3-year-old niece up ...
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    Quick trip report 3/5/07

    Well, I think we must have made it in right before the Spring Break crowds.

    I took flew into Tampa late Sunday night and then picked my 3-year-old niece up at her school at 8am. It was a complete surprise that I was even coming, so let me tell you how excited she was when I told her where we were going (I showed up with her pin lanyard).

    The drive on I-4 took a little bit longer than usual due to a bad accident (unfortunately fatal for a local student ).

    We got to MK and the place looked a little crowded, but only had to wait thru one monorail. We sat up front (my niece Bella won't hardley sit anywhere else and didn't want to go on what she calls the "stinky boat"), and were rewarded with co-pilot's licenses.

    When you don't have bags to take in, there's one line you can skip through!

    Now, this was her day and her surprise, so schedules from here were completely up to her.... First we went straight down Main St to the nearest popcorn vender for popcorn and a Coke... that may have been one of the longest lines of the day. Then headed over to get a fast pass for Buzz.

    While we were waiting for that time (only about 30 mins later) we went on the PeopleMover. This is still her only way to get inside Space Mountain. Plus, she said it was a good place to eat her popcorn. When we got off it was still about 20 mins to Buzz time, but Buzz's line was only 15 min long. So we went, and then hopped on again with the fastpasses. Next we went over to SM just to make sure she still wasn't tall enough. Maybe by her summer birthday....

    Next we had to do the racecars. I'm one of the only ones who will ride this with her. Didn't look much different after the refurb, but all the cars were nice and shiny. Oh, and by the way, we won !

    Next was Toontown for the Barnstormer... but she saw the facepainters first, EEK! For about 1-2 minutes of painting, they're raking in the cash... $8-$15 a pop! But I can't refuse her pouty face.

    Barnstormer had a pretty long line, but it moves pretty good... 30 min or less. Then we took a trip through Mickey & Minnie's homes. Next we went to Fantasyland and grabbed a bite to eat and ended up sharing a table with another 3-year-old and her mom. IT was their first time there, so we gave them some quick pointers before heading to Small World (which she SAID she wanted to ride next). However, upon arrival, she could see the entrance to Liberty Square and was much more interested in HM. Only a 10min wait, okay sure thing.

    By this time (3ish) she was getting tired, but still wanted to go on the other mountains.

    "Can't we just go back to the hotel for a nap?" I think she's gotten spoiled going there all the time. After explaining it was here or home, we headed to Frontierland. Got a fastpass for BTMR and walked right onto SM, twice!

    She played on the kids playground for a little after that and then we headed back to Thunder Mountain. Our fp time was 3:25, but apparently since it was 3:23, we were way to early and were told to step aside, even though there was nobody behind us. Then when "3:25 passengers" were called, he told us that she needed to walk herself and I couldn't carry her up the hill. I think some CM was having a bad day!!!

    Oh, well!

    We hit PotC before leaving and met another MK newbie in line, she was about 20-25. Bella informed her that it was only a little scary, and when we got close to the front of the line, the girl hadn't realized that it was a water ride. We assured her she wouldn't get too wet

    We were heading home after that, but Jack Sparrow was just starting his gig outside so we stayed for that and headed home, but not before getting some popsicles on the way out. Great way to end a quick day to Disney.

    Oh, and of course we took the front of the monorail on the way back

    Flew back here to the cold country Tuesday morning with a few pictures and a bunch of great memories.

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    That sounds like a ton of fun! What a nice surprise!

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    What a wonderful treat.... And great report also
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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