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    The Voyage-Part One

    Cast of Characters:

    My Mom-Jill
    administrator of this voyage, got us a suite at SOG for 5 nights.
    My BIL-Tommy
    going because he can. His wife and daughter went on the Disney Western Cruise with Mom this past August and now it's his turn.
    My 14 & 15 yo nephews: Otto & Chucky
    Great kids, true boys, developed the love of Disney when we took them their first time 2 years ago, in December of 2002.
    My 18 yo son-Adrian
    Has been to the world 5 times and would go 5 more if you ask him. (Who also has a steady girlfriend that's going to miss the dickens out of him.)
    My 16 yo daughter-Brittany
    Has been to the world 4 times, with 2 more on deck. Is learning to be an avid planner like her mother.
    My wonderful husband-John
    Gladly goes to disney, as long as he doesn't have to plan anything
    and Me-Colleen
    Disney addict, who wasn't happy with 5 days and added 2 more (at Coronado Springs.) Responsible for spreading the addiction to Mom. (Mom's been 5 times since 99 with 2 more on deck.)

    The Plan:

    Friday-Driving down, first pit stop in Santee, SC
    Saturday-SC to FL check in at SOG, Dinner at O'Hana's
    Sunday-MGM, PS at 50's Prime Time Cafe
    Wednesday-Epcot, PS at San Angel Inn (DH & My wedding anniversary)
    Thursday-check out SOG, check in at CSR-hotel day, MVMCP that night.
    Friday-US/IOA (yes, again)
    Saturday-go straight home, do not pass go, do not collect $200...

    Day One:

    We woke up Friday morning, December 3rd to a frosty mickey. We’re actually leaving later than usual this year…usually we like to get ahead of DC traffic be leaving at about 4 am. Mom asked us to leave after traffic cleared out of DC, she’s driving the second car with my BIL & 2 nephews. We took off about 8 am, I thought we were following each other but J, the kids and I left on our own.

    Mickey antenna topper

    AJ, already missing his GF

    Loading up

    Someone looks like she’d rather be flying than driving

    We made it to DC by 10:30, we were making VERY good time this trip.

    ~I’ll skip the boring part about how loooooong this drive is~

    Yay! We make it to SC! I know once we hit south of the border we only have about another 100 miles to the hotel. I moved to the back seat so our son could ride up front, so this was my view of SOTB…

    South of the Border-from the back seat

    102 miles later, we exit at Santee…Mom was 30 minutes behind us, they never did catch up to us. I called them to let them know we made it and give them the room numbers. The funny thing was in order to use my cell phone I had to stand in the middle of the driveway, it was the only spot I could get service-
    it’s ok tho, I only had to dodge 1 car to make my phone call

    Finally out of the car

    Mom relaxing

    Hanging out with the boys

    Hubby & BIL enjoying sardines

    We had 2 very clean, comfortable connecting rooms at the Inn. I like Clark’s…it’s the 3rd time I’ve used this hotel and have yet to be disappointed. We had pizza for dinner and McDonald’s for breakfast…this would be the beginning of our fast food week.
    My family rarely eats fast food, it upsets my guys’ stomachs, so by the 3rd day we were all quite bloated from the change in diet.

    The next morning I was up at with the sunrise, for some reason I do this the first couple days of vacation. At home, I don’t move before 8am I took a ride to find a dunkin’ donut’s and found krispy kremes & picked up some coffee while I was out.

    Mom thought she was going to sleep in this morning, I think not! We have reservations this evening at Ohana’s for dinner…everyone up, we gotta go!

    Up at the crack of dawn, again

    The pool is open, but it was waaaay too cold

    Coming Soon-We arrive!
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