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    Mickey 626's WDW 2K7 Trip Report (Part 2 of 6)

    After our little afternoon break, we headed back over to Epcot. When we got there, we went to the toy shop in the United Kingdom to see if any characters were about. Indeed, Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore were there, as indicated by the long line extending out the back of the store. We waited for a few minutes and then had our fun with them. Around that time I also visited the Kidcot station and then Mary Poppins and a penguin from the same movie came out so I just had to visit them. What was a little strange was that the Cast Member portraying Mary was so gosh darn…homely looking O_o I thought Mary Poppins was supposed to look all prim n’ proper…eh, whatever. Aaanyway, after the United Kingdom we set off for Canada, eh. There I visited the Kidcot station and we saw O Canada. Mom has fond memories of O Canada (she’s been to Disney World a couple times when she was my age.), so she loved it. What she loved even more was that the O Canada song was on the Official Walt Disney World Album CD that I bought. I kind of like it too.
    So after Canada we headed over past France to my favorite country: Japan! There we went in my favorite store, the Mitsukoshi Department Store. There I bought some YanYan (cookie sticks with creamy chocolate dip) and some Almond Crush Pocky (chocolate and almond coated cookie sticks) both were really yummy! Unfortunately the line for the Kidcot station was a bit long, seeing how the nice girl working there was making origami for each and every kid in line. Sadly I never did get to visit the station during our trip…oh well. Maybe next time.
    After this we headed to Italy, where I visited another Kidcot station and took some pictures of the architecture and beautiful flowers. Our journey around the world continued on to Morocco with, you guessed it, another Kidcot station! Then we went to France to eat dinner at…


    I must warn you ahead of time that, being in the middle of a bustling theme park, Le Chefs de France is not the best restaurant you’re ever going to dine at. Usually at Walt Disney World, the better restaurants are found outside of the parks, with the notable exception of The Hollywood Brown Derby in the Disney-MGM Studios. That being said, the food at Chefs de France was pretty good. It just wasn’t that special. For an appetizer we had the flatbread with bacon, caramelized onions, and cheese. This was very tasty, but I found that it had a bit too many onions for my taste. Also it seemed to come out colder than I would have liked. For my appetizer I got the cheese puff pastry from the kid’s menu. Pretty simple, really. Just a couple kinds of cheeses (I think ricotta and gruyere) rolled up in a puff pastry roll. Good, but again, not very hot when brought out. This could be attributed to the fact that we were sitting in right front of the wide open door. It was also rather cold in the restaurant, because it was hot outside (even at 7:45 at night!) and they had the air-conditioning blasting. For my entrée I got rotini (corkscrew) pasta with marinara sauce and breaded chicken strips, again from the kid’s menu. I didn’t order from my usual “adult” menu because I didn’t really see a whole lot I wanted, plus I figured that I would pick off of my parent’s plates too if I wanted to try anything outside of the child spectrum. That being said, my entrée was tasty enough. A nice touch was that they included the marinara sauce in a separate bowl, away from the pasta. I understand completely their reasoning behind this. I know many a child who would rather eat plain ol’ buttered noodles than anything else, even in the middle of the finest restaurant. As with the previous night’s dinner at the Flying Fish Café, we didn’t get dessert here. Overall, I would say that the food at Le Chefs De France is mediocre at best, but certainly not terrible. I would say though that the service was excellent, contrary to the numerous reviews I’ve read where people have said that the French-born wait staff was too “cold.”
    After dinner at Le Chefs de France, we promptly set out on our quest to find the best possible viewing location for Illuminations. This we found quickly down on one of the lower levels of the World Showcase promenade, right up against the railing (at least for me anyway- I can squeeze in between small spaces ) Mom and Dad, being a good deal taller than me, could see above me just fine. Soon Illuminations started and I videotaped almost the entire thing (at least until “We Go On”). Filled with the magic of Disney, we retreated back to our humble abode. Not before looking in MouseGears though There we got a nice little Mickey icon picture frame. Also at Epcot I purchased an official Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival (EIF&GF) pin, as well as some pirate ears and a pirate autograph book. All in all it was a wonderfully magical day at Epcot. This leads us to…

    DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH, 2007: [Magic Kingdom at Night]

    We got up at about 7:30am to make it to our 8:00 breakfast reservation at…


    Though I have not dined at the Yacht Club Galley for lunch or dinner, I have seen the menus and the food is decidedly normal. You won’t find anything too out of the ordinary here, making this the kind of place that you go because of its location, not its food. This is essentially why we ate breakfast here- because it was close to us and we already had breakfast reservations for both Cape May Café and Spoodles. That being said, the food was very tasty, even though it was a buffet. There is both a buffet and a regular ala carte menu. I instinctively chose the buffet. For my breakfast I dined on cheesy breakfast potatoes (with crumb topping!), bacon, sausage, banana bread, miniature Mickey waffles (on request only) and I think maybe a pancake or two. All were very good, especially the potatoes.
    After breakfast we went and I got dialysis at the Central Florida Kidney Center, about 30 minutes away from the Beach Club Resort. Everything went smoothly and we were back in the World (and magic!) by 4:00. From Orlando we drove to Disney’s Polynesian Resort (one of my favorites) to look around a little…and to check out the new (to us) Boutiki shop. Nothing out of the ordinary here…same old Disney merchandise, plus some Polynesian stuff. We also walked around the beautiful grounds and walked on the beach. We also walked up to Sunset Point to take in the spectacular view of the Seven Seas Lagoon, as well as the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, and Fort Wilderness Campground. You could also see Cinderella Castle in the distance…just the tip though. (the picture of Mom and Dad was taken here on the Polynesian beach). From the Polynesian we drove to another of our favorite resorts- (more so than the Polynesian by far) Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

    We had a dinner reservation at Artist’s Point for 6:00, but we walked around a little before that, taking in the sites. We stayed here on our very first trip to the World in 2000, so it always brings back fond memories. It really set the standard for us in terms of the excellence that is Disney service and hospitality. Unfortunately, the geyser was experiencing technical difficulties (I forget the round about way that Disney explained it…probably a giraffe in the road.) so it was not working that day. I also bought a really cool POTC pin. It had little dangly thingies on it. Soon we went inside to enjoy our dinner at
    As mentioned before, Artist’s Point is the second contender for best meal during our trip, along with the Flying Fish Café. After our experience here I think it was probably the best. And it has a lot to do with a certain dessert. The food at Artist’s Point is Northwestern cuisine, meaning salmon. Lots of salmon. And meat. And some buffalo thrown in for good measure. And some wine too. And cheese. For some reason though, the entrée I got showcased exactly zero of the items I have described above, yet it was still outstanding. For my entrée I ordered the Potato and Chive “Potstickers” with Edamame and Spinach. There was some soy-flavored sauce on it too. It was really good and a little spicy too, which is always good for me! We also got a cheese plate, which I tried a little of. What Mom and Dad got I forget but all I know is that my entrée was outstanding…and that Mom got some awesome Smoky Portobello Soup. But what really was the showstopper was my dessert. I have a little running tradition going that whenever I eat at Artist’s Point I get this same dessert. It’s from the kids menu, mind you, but I think it’s absolutely genius. Yes, I’m talking about the White Chocolate Mickey Puzzle. The puzzle “pieces” have a design of Mickey on them (full body, not just the standard Mickey icon) and are made of solid white chocolate. These pieces (about 6 of them I think, making a 3x2 puzzle) are stacked together on an artist’s palette shaped plate. Alongside of these pieces are two cookies stacked one on top of the other-one chocolate chip and one sugar. A small paintbrush is stuck in the two cookies. Above the cookies and chocolate pieces are three small impressions in the plate, each of which holds a Mickey icon shaped blob of frosting (or food paint, something like that.). The idea is that you first assemble the puzzle using the white chocolate pieces, then paint the whole thing with the food paints (in three colors: orange, yellow, and blue no less!) and then eat everything on the plate (minus the paintbrush of course). I know it sounds a little on the childish side, but I just think it is so charming and an ingenious presentation for a dessert. Here is the dessert before it is assembled:


    And here it is after it is assembled (but not eaten!)


    As for other desserts, Dad got the signature Artist’s Point Berry Cobbler, which had an assortment of berries including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and I think maybe blackberries. All was topped in a biscuit-like crust and drizzled with something creamy and a scoop of black raspberry ice cream. Mom, on the other hand, got the “Coffee Two Ways” dessert, which included a mochaccino bread pudding and a vanilla late crème brulee. All in all an awesome meal. Have eaten here many times and will many times more.

    After our glorious dinner at Artist’s Point, we set off from the boat dock on a boat to the…


    In our planning of our trip to the World, we eventually realized that there would be no time when we’d really be able to be in the Magic Kingdom at night-that is to say, for the Wishes! Fireworks show. The night of the day we would be in the Magic Kingdom was already gobbled up by the Hoop De Doo Musical Revue (more on this later, pardners!), so we chose Wednesday night to see Wishes at the Magic Kingdom. It couldn’t have been better. Though first I had a little “rite of passage” to conquer. Space Mountain! Yes, in all 5 times before this trip that I have been to Disney, I have never in my life ridden Space Mountain, mostly out of fear. Wait, no. Make that entirely out of fear. Yes. Mom eventually coaxed me into riding it, what with the whole “rite of passage” thing (and the promise of a free Space Mountain pin upon ride completion!). Sadly, I regretted riding Space Mountain. I think if I had not had a small headache just before I got on the ride, I would have been a lot better. This small headache quickly escalated to something much worse due to all of the flashing lights, darkness, and sharp turns and drops that is Space Mountain. At least I didn’t barf or soil my pants or anything. The concept is a great idea, and the darkness does relieve some overall stress at seeing what daunting drop or turn is coming up next. And I did get a free pin out of it, so it wasn’t entirely futile. Let’s just say I will never ride Space Mountain again. And with that, we go on to Wishes!
    WISHES! Fireworks Spectacular:
    Unlike parades at the Magic Kingdom, finding a good viewing location to view the fireworks is easy. Step 1: Go to the middle of the road in Main Street USA. Step 2: Turn around to face the castle. Step 3: Stay where you are, and you’re done! It’s a lot easier to get a spot for Wishes! Because everybody is essentially looking up, so you don’t have to worry too much about people getting in your way, where as with parades everything is at ground level, and there are people who can potentially block you. This is especially cumbersome when you are just over 4 feet tall, like I am. Nevertheless, the Wishes! Show was as magical as it has been every other time I’ve seen it, that is to say, wonderful! I resisted videotaping the entire spectacle due to memory and battery issues with the camera, but I did take a bo-hunch of pictures!

    After the fireworks were all said and done, we started to wade through the sea of people down the beautifully lit Main Street USA towards the beckoning exit. And that’s when the rain started. First it was light. Then it was not. It certainly was not a torrential downpour, but it was enough to dampen the ears of any brave mouskateer. We ducked into the interconnected shops as quickly as the surging mass of people would allow, and proceeded into the shops. Unfortunately many other people had the same idea, so it was almost as crowded indoors as it was out. At least it was dry. We slowly made our way to the front of Main Street, occasionally stopping to look at various trinkets and souvenirs.

    Eventually we managed to make our way out of the shops and under the awning near the Town Square. The rain decided to pick up then, so we waited for a few minutes until the rain let up. It was kind of funny watching all of the foolish people dash out into the rain (ones toting strollers were even funnier), making a mad dash for the Main Street Train Station. Eventually we had to make our own mad dash though, but at least the rain had let up a little. From the train station we proceeded to the boat launch back to the Wilderness Lodge. There we stopped by the Roaring Fork to get a Mickey Rice Krispie Treat to snack on, and then proceeded out of the resort to our car. Then we drove back to our humble abode, the Beach Club, and went to bed. This brings us to…

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    awesome job on the puzzle!
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    Artist's point is one of our favorites as well. We've had 3 great meals there, and the berries dessert was my choice at least on one occasion.
    Now, about Space Mountain...never say never! Admitting that you were already courting a mind headache is probably the main reason you came off with a worse headache. Of course, you can at least say you've tried it once. Good on ya!
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