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    Mickey626's WDW 2K7 Trip Report (Part 4 of ?)

    DAY 5: FRIDAY, MAY 10TH, 2007 [Downtown Disney]:
    The night before I decided to order breakfast from in room dining. We like to order the continental breakfast and sit out on our balcony (or mini-balcony this time around) and enjoy the sunrise while eating. So we ordered the continental breakfast. Although, since I didn’t really care for it, I ordered 3 waffles with bacon…thinking they’d be mini Mickey waffles. Boy was I wrong. When the server came with our food, I was wondering why there were three separate, large plates. Soon to my shock I discovered that the waffles were not mini as I hoped for, but really full sized, massive Belgian style waffles. At least they were still Mickey shaped. And they still came with bacon. With that and the continental breakfast, it was needless to say that we certainly had enough food. Good thing I didn’t order 4 waffles, because then we would be stuck with this huge waffle with nobody to eat it! Plus the whole meal was expensive. The waffles were good though. And so was the bacon. I was amazed at how the server was able to cram all the food on our tiny little pull out table AND set places for all three of us. After our supersized breakfast we headed off to dialysis again at the Central Florida Kidney Center. Everything went smoothly, and afterwards we headed off to…
    At Downtown Disney we first had our fill of shopping, first at the intimidatingley large World of Disney store. There I got two t-shirts: a Pirates of the Caribbean 3 shirt and a Walt Disney World 2007 shirt. I also finally located the elusive Pirates of the Caribbean pin that I once lost and snatched it up. I couldn’t find it to buy anywhere in MGM-Studios OR the Animal Kingdom. We also got a WDW throw blanket for only $15, since we spent over $75. As Dad was paying for our purchases, Mom and I went over to the Disney’s Wonderful World of Memories shop, where we bought some scrapbooking supplies. We also looked inside the Art of Disney store at all the beautiful paintings and sculptures, and I looked in the Disney Tails/Pooh’s Thotful Spot/Mickey’s Mart complex. We also looked in Goofy’s Candy Company, where you could order custom-made chocolate dipped treats such as chocolate dipped pretzels, apples, marshmallows, and cookies. We also visited the Lego store, where I got pictures with various Lego sculptures. After this we drove over to Downtown Disney West Side, where we ate dinner at the…
    House of Blues (HOB):

    The House of Blues entertains a slightly “rowdier” bunch than you’d find at, say, the Crystal Palace. Nevertheless, it is a reasonably kid-friendly place that prides itself on tons of Rock N’ Roll memorabilia, down-home southern food, and blaring music (Rock N’ Roll of course). The food was really, really good. For appetizers we got deep-fried artichoke hearts with tomato sauce, and I got seared voodoo shrimp with rosemary cornbread. I also got some of their turkey and shrimp gumbo, and as an entrée I got some sort of BBQ’d chicken with mashed potatoes and a red wine sauce. I didn’t like it very much because: A.) I was full on gumbo, shrimp, cornbread, and artichoke hearts (I had artichoke hearts for the first time, and they were good!) and B.) I thought the sauce was a bit bitter, I guess from the port wine. The appetizers were very good though. One complaint is that they had TV’s blaring very near where we were sitting. In my opinion TV’s should not be in any restaurant. It distracts the people in your party that you could be having a nice conversation with. Overall, food was excellent (except for my chicken) service was great, and the atmosphere was…iffy for me. Mom and Dad loved it though. After dinner I bought a HOB pin at the adjacent HOB store.
    When we were done with our meal we had a lot of time to wait before our 9:00 Cirque du Soleil reservation, so we took a boat to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. We’ve seen it many times from the shores of the Downtown Disney Marketplace, but we’ve never really been there. So we took a boat over and wandered around. Overall a general waste of time and the resort is relatively uninspiring. But we had time to kill, and in that sense we shot it point blank in the head. After Saratoga Springs we walked through Pleasure Island and West Side to Cirque and it was all lit up and very exciting and vibrant. We then entered Cirque du Soleil. What unfolded afterwards was indescribable. All I can say is “Wow!” I won’t dare spoil any of the details, so I’ll just say that you have to see it to believe it. What is amazing is that the music (which is awesome in its own right) is done by a live band. Live. Also there is an opera singer in several of the music numbers, and it took a little while to realize that the singer was actually a real person and not a prerecorded track. After the show I bought a pin and we bought the soundtrack for the show, which I promptly put onto my iPod when we got home. I love it. After the show we drove back to our resort and went to bed. This brings us to our second to last day…


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    The House of Blues photo is amazing!

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