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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss I got engaged !! My Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; My Trip Report Hey Everyone .... Im back from Disney World and oh man was it a blast i got a trip report request from Hoop De Do so here ...
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    I got engaged !! My Trip Report

    My Trip Report

    Hey Everyone .... Im back from Disney World and oh man was it a blast i got a trip report request from Hoop De Do so here it is

    Day 1 we got to Disney World around 1 and me and steve got to the hotel with magical express ( witch not has a some what new video) We then went to Magic Kingdom also it was his birthday so we on our dining plan did California Grill witch i 100% recomend it was awsome we had an amazing veiw of the castle at around 8-10 so it was all dark and beautiful the monorail looked horible with the werid grphity

    Day 2 we went to Animal witch is my fav ( i know its a rare thing but i love it there) we had b-fast at Donalds and then went on Everest ( 1st people on that day ) that is my favorite ride ( ill scan the ride photo and post it in a ride photos album tomarrow ) we after that went and did dinoland and then NEmo musical WOWOWOWOWWo what a great show ( video will be up soon) Then went back to the hotel and chilled ( we were right near Roger Rabbit and the laptop pool at Pop) we around 6 went to Magic Kingdom for EMH and had a blast

    Day3 we went to Magic Kingdom at around 1 to meet up with Steve Barrett ( author of Hidden Mickey ) wat a great experience we went on pirates with him and then around 4 went to toontown to meet up with my fav top dog pluto ( 75 min wait ) so we didnt and went on barnstormer insted
    and chilled the rest of the day ( i think lol) also i love mikes laugh floor and my fav Splash

    Day 4 we went to Epcot Steve did misson space 12 time ( orange ) i did it for the first time ( i did the green most the time this time is did the orange WOW) there was a huge storm sotest track was closed down and we went on nemo and tutle talk after we got our emh braclets we lost each lol so i went back to hotel and went swiming till 12 when he got back lol also the epcot hand is on its way down and the leave a leg. will not be going abway till next year NOOOOOOOo the horror i hate them i didnt get to do soarin or test track but steve did... we ate at graden grill

    Day 5 we went to chef mickey were steve pop the Q and i said yes it was great we then went to mgm and steve did rockin roller coaster and i did little mermaid and animation and on man dream we then both went to inidana jones were steve was in the show lol we ate at sci fi

    Day 6 ( LEave) Steve got up early and went to MK or awhile i slept lol until the maids woke me up and told me i had to pack or i would be charge hafe day i jumped out of bed and cleaned lol

    Other fun stuff the bride and groom ears were a blast we must have gotten more the 10000 congrats

    so yeah steve is now a pn freak like me lol he had to trade with everyone it was so cute

    i also got lots of cards for vmk and millons of pics witch will be up
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    It's nice to see that each of you felt comfortable doing your own thing at times. Congratulations on your engagement.
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    Congratulations, Cat & Steve!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    Congratulations... How Magical!!!
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    congrats!!! Disney is a magical place to get engaged!
    - Jeanne

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    huge congrats honey!!!!!

    and everything sounded awesome..
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    Congratulations on your engagement! It sounds like you had a great time leading up to the big moment as well.
    ~Jerry & Nancy~

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    Congratulations !!! I would love to get engaged at WDW, so romantic!!!
    Can't wait to go back !!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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