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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss How Long Did You Stay? in the Vacation Planning forums; In Sept. I went on a really long Honeymoon surrounded by Disney Magic. My Wife and I spent 8 days in the parks followed by a 3-day Cruise followed by ...
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    How Long Did You Stay?

    In Sept. I went on a really long Honeymoon surrounded by Disney Magic. My Wife and I spent 8 days in the parks followed by a 3-day Cruise followed by 1 more day to catch Mickey's Not So Scary and the reopened Haunted Mansion. About 6 days in I had lost all sense of time and place. The outside world no longer existed.
    It was a couple of screaming babies away from perfect.

    What I want to know is what's the longest YOU ever stayed? Did you experience the same wonderful disconnect from reality? Is there a point where you realized you booked TOO LONG a trip and find yourself just going through the motions?

    BTW, by the end of my trip I was already planning our return.

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    The most I've stayed so far is 5 days.

    I'll be there 7 Days for Mousefest time.

    As soon as I pass under that Walt Disney World entrance sign, the outside world to me is gone
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    The longest we stayed at Disney was 16 days in December 2005. Actually, for us, as soon as we get on the plane (one of many traveling from Asia this last trip...before that it was South America) the outside world is gone. Not once did we feel we overstayed our time. I would have loved to have stayed another 16 days on top of that. We can never get enough of Disney! And we are always planning our next trip. We went in July this year and it will be quite a long time before we get back there again...December 2008/January 2009. 438 more days!

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    Our longest stay has been 13 days/12 nights staying at ASMo! This last trip we were only there for 8 days/7 nights at the Wilderness Lodge and I have to say it was very difficult fitting in everything we wanted to do!

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    the longest we've ever been was 8 days.
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    my first time was 2 days... sad i know..

    this time will be at disney from monday to saturday but who knows other than that
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    We stayed for 11 days at teh carribean beach back in 2003. One of the best vacations I ever had. Just wandred around, park hopped, slept late stayed out late, the world disappeared. it was Bliss.

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    5 days has been the longest
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