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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Your WORST Disney expeirience! in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok it sounds like hearsy,but we all have the following things at least once: Bad journy to Orlando Bad Hotel Bad Disney experience(gasp!) Bad jounrny home. Here is mine: It ...
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    Your WORST Disney expeirience!

    Ok it sounds like hearsy,but we all have the following things at least once:

    Bad journy to Orlando
    Bad Hotel
    Bad Disney experience(gasp!)
    Bad jounrny home.

    Here is mine:
    It was the day before thanksgiving and we were driving to disney after my classes.But there was so much traffic that it made a 3 hour trip a 7 hour trip.
    The next day and the day after that,the parks were overcrowed.The day we went home,my folks wanted to tour the places we could get a vacation home in Orlando,but our guide got us driving for 2 hours lost and got home at 9:00 pm!

    So share your bad experience!

    If you can dream it, you can do it!

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    Our entire stay at Pop Century was completely forgettable (or we wish we could).
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    I've never really had a horrible experience at disney, but i hate when parents go psycho on their kids and start screaming and yelling and carrying on. I saw it once during the fireworks and this mom was going was disturbing.

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    My fam had surprised me with a fireworks cruise on my b-day this summer. It was drizzling a bit, not bad... all the boats were running from Fort Wilderness, but noone in planning could figure out where our boat (with snacks, champagne and my b-day cake) was. Finally, after taking to several managers, etc, a hotel supe at FW brought us a couple of sweatshirts and blankets to the picnic area to dry off/warm up (we had 5 adults and kids 6,4 and 1) to the beach, where we watched the fireworks at MK. Never did find out what happened to the boat and heard many conflicting stories (including that none of the boats were running - hmmmm - funny since we saw no fewer than 10-15 that night). We finally had my bro-in-law go back to POR and get the car where we all crammed in to get back to te hotel about 11. Then at almost midnight, they delivered the cake to our room (It was from the GF bakery and I have to admit it was beautiful, but I wasn't happy to have to wake up to see it.)

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    I had my brand new video recorder stole from Pizza Planet at MGM Studios. I set it down next to me to play the basketball game and when
    I was done and looked down it was gone!?!?!?!? The one thing that bothers me at the parks is the lack of video surveillance..
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    Y'know I am sitting here trying to think and there are two things that come to mind but neither really ruined the trip or made for a bad experience.

    One was when I was so young I barely remember. I think I was 4 or 5 and my grandparents took me to Disney. It was one of my first times in Florida and I guess between the heat and the tons of food I'm sure I ate... I ended up getting sick in our rental car. I remember getting sick but not much else. My grandmother loved to tell me the story though and until she passed away last year I think I had heard it at least 30 times.

    The only adult experience I can think of was when we took Aaron to Disney for the first time earlier this year. We had a terential downpour at the MK and ended up getting soaked. We had ponchos but the rain was so hard that they didn't help. Aaron was in his stroller as we were running down mainstreet to get to the Monorail (we had already planned to go back to the hotel for a bit anyway) and he got drenched. We had put the poncho over his stroller but he wanted nothing of it and kept pulling it up so he could feel the rain pelting him in the face. Ordinarily this would've made for one of those "OMG it s*cked" stories but the end of if is that Aaron fell asleep in the car from the TTC to the resort and was so out that we had to get him out of his soaking wet clothes on the bed in the room and let him sleep in just his diaper, sideways on the bed. It was adorable.


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    So sweet, I love to watch sleeping babies.

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    it was last February when we id the vows at WDW. We had a Limo pick us up to take the whole crew from Old key West to dinner at Wildernes Lodge. Our Limo driver was brand new. She got lost taking us to Wilderness Lodge we ended up in orlando some where (we didn't pay a lot of attention un til we noticed we'd been in the car a half hour). We ended up late for our ADR at Artist Point.

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    We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort before and we where put all the way at the end in the Trinidad area and we had to catch a bus to the main lobby and main pool. And it was the last bus stop so it was always crowded. We where suppose to have a lake front view but we were set back from the lake and had a palm tree at our window. I made good friends with that palm tree tho, lol.

    And we stayed at Pop before and we had a good room and stuff but for some reason the staff wasn't on there best service that week.
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    My friends and I went to WDW for Senior Week and when we got on the Magicla Express our luggage was put onto the wrong bus and we didnt have it until our second doy of vacation. It was upsetting becuase all of out makeup and hair products were there. But we tried not to let it ruin our week!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurora&goofy View Post
    I've never really had a horrible experience at disney, but i hate when parents go psycho on their kids and start screaming and yelling and carrying on. I saw it once during the fireworks and this mom was going was disturbing.
    If I had a Buck-Fifty every time I saw that happen,I'd be so rich.

    If you can dream it, you can do it!

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    Amen to aurora&goofy's post.

    My worst experience isn't bad at all, which is quite a nod to Disney's customer service. My family was eating at the Columbia Harbour House. I walked down to Pinocchio's Village Haus to get food for myself and one other person. I planned on walking back to Columbia Harbour House to eat with the rest of my crew. I very nicely asked a Cast Member if they had some kind of bag I could use to transport my food. He looked at me and said, "What do you think we are, McDonald's". Grr!

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    My worst single experience was probably when, after sitting through the Hall of Presidents in the same area with some guy who took flash photos through the whole thing, I got accosted by some lady who accused me of doing it! When I denied it, she sneered "oh, I bet!" and walked off before I could recover and belt her one.

    My least-successful trip is a more involved story, but suffice it to say, it involved a series of events including such highlights as...
    --I end up getting dropped off at the airport too late to check luggage, and have to repack all my things (or as much as possible) into 2 carry-ons, while getting berated by the airport people.
    --The room is not ready when I get there
    --The credit card I try to use does not go through.
    --I lock the key to my luggage in my luggage.
    --Immediately afterwards, I lock the room key card in my room.
    --I catch cold.
    --I get stuck on a malfunctioning monorail the last day, miss the Magic Express back to the airport, am told to take a cab by the Magical Express people to the tune of $60+, and eventually hitch a ride with a perfect (but very nice) stranger named Cinnamon.

    [ If you are out there somewhere, Cinnamon, thank you.]

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    I don't have a bad word to say about the mouse house!

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    I wasn't happy with seeing many MANY parents yelling at times screaming at their kids, some as little as 2. It actually scared my daughter a couple of times. (she's 17 months). I know kids can become a handfull especially if your controlling more then one. But there's a time and place for everything. I was so sick of seeing it, and also the crying kids, even 7 and 10 year olds. The happiest place on earth.

    Oh and another thing, seems like every Parade we saw, at all the parks, we'd line up early and have a clear view, and by the time the parade started we were pushed back with people in front of us. I hate these people that come up and stand next to you, then the next thing there standing so far out in front, that you only see the parade when it's directly in front of you. I like to see whats coming and get a few shoits as Characters or floats are approaching, Not only that I end up with these same annoying people in all my pictures. That I have to look at and be reminded of everytime I look at them. UGH

    Here's one taken last week, after a long day at the MK - Princess Adeline was down for the count.
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