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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Our Whirlwind Adventure!!! in the Vacation Planning forums; Hey Everyone! My name is Kandace- this is my husband Ryan's favorite site. We have never trip reported before but here it goes... Thursday, October 26th (i think) My husband ...
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    Our Whirlwind Adventure!!!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Kandace- this is my husband Ryan's favorite site. We have never trip reported before but here it goes...

    Thursday, October 26th (i think)

    My husband and I decided to take a very last minute vacation to Orlando. We love Disneyworld so much and always feel the need to share our joy with others. We took two of our friends with us- and decided to head from Houston to Orlando- leaving after work about 6:30pm on Thursday and arrive in Orlando about 9am (Friday). We bought tickets to the halloween party beforehand and brought our costumes with us and we were set!

    When we arrived in Orlando- we were actually able to check in to the Embassy Suites in Lake Buena Vista about 9:30 am- eat some breakfast- take showers and be off to the park! We were running on adrenaline (sp?) for sure! But we were ready! We started off the day at Epcot! On the way in an English couple actually handed us fast passes for Soarin- we definitely lucked out! We road a few more rides and made our way to the world showcase! We love the Food and Wine festival and were excited to share it with our friends! We ate at Mexico and then walked the countries- one of my husband and I's favorite pastimes... We drank banfi (yum!).. dessert wine! and of course the guys drank imported beer which they enjoyed immensely! It got to be about time to get ready to get dressed.. and we were all about to crash- being on the road the night before-soooo.. we drank red bull! I have never had it before but it actually made me feel human again by the time the Halloween party started at magic kingdom. One of our friends did not have a costume yet- so we had to find him one! We went in Walgreens- and he tried on a Superman (supersmall) childs costume!! Funniest thing I have ever seen- I will try to post a pic... decided not to buy that- went to Walmart and he found a blow-up costume of a personal trainer- it was hilarious! I was minnie mouse, Ryan was Jack Sparrow, our friend Cory was a Zombie... The entire night- everyone loved Ryan (other Ryan-friend)- the fat personal trainers costume- people were poking and prodding him! It was really funny! We had sooo much fun!! The kissables they gave away were YUM.

    Our Whirlwind Adventure!!!-img_0011.jpg
    Our Whirlwind Adventure!!!-img_0019.jpg

    Saturday- we started off the day at Animal Kingdom and rode all the major attractions- and did the YMCA on the Dinosaur picture! Good thing we know when the picture is being taken. NExt we went to MGM and rode all the major attractions- then we went to Magic Kingdom- we ate a Ohana beforehand and everyone loved it!

    Sunday =(- We left and headed back to Houston after eating our delicious Embassy Suites breakfast.
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    Sounds like you had a great trip even if it was a short one. Any trip is better than none at all.
    Does this mean you escaped to WDW and didn't TELL us about it afterward? You know we live vicariously through other people's vacations! For Shame!
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    Your not kidding you had a whirlwind adventure. Sounds like you had alot of fun! Love the Superman picture....looks like Superman has some laundry issues
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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