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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Trip Report (12/01/07) in the Vacation Planning forums; Got back last night from a brief trip to the world. We went yesterday as a trip to see the Christmas decorations/lights and as an early birthday type thing for ...
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    Trip Report (12/01/07)

    Got back last night from a brief trip to the world.

    We went yesterday as a trip to see the Christmas decorations/lights and as an early birthday type thing for me (real birthday is on the fourth). I wore my Birthday Pin even through it wasn't quite my birthday. We started at out Epcot. We got all of the front part of the park done before 1 pm, save for The Seas and the JII pavillion. We walked past Spaceship Earth numerous times in hopes that by some means they would start soft opening a little earlier and we would get a chance to see it. No such luck. From what we could see behind the wall, the sign has changed on the ride building, there is a sign outside by the queue line explaining that the ride is a slow moving attraction, ect. From what we could see of it, the painting on the outisde just before you enter to the moving platform seems to be the same. After completing Test Track and Mission Space on the left side of the park, we made our way to the UOE. I brought the video camera with me, mainly to tape the lights later, but also with the intentions to get video on the outside of the Wonders of Life pavillion, especially since there is a lot of rumors of the building and attractions therein being demolished. Upon approaching the building and taping it I noticed that the old DNA stand that use to be towards the front of the building was gone. Maybe part of the beginnings of possible demolition? Got plenty of "happy birthdays" throughout the day from cast members, and even from some regular guests. For lunch we went to the Electric Umbrella and recieved cold burgers and fries, a family next to us got salads and said that the salads could have been fresher. Its been a while since I've been to this dining establisment, but we were a little disappointed that the quality has seemed to have gone down. We were a little surprised when we did the Land boat ride and found garland, ornaments and bows decorating the vegetables and herbs in the area where they showcase hydroponics. After doing the front of the park we went to the Disney-MGM Stuidos.

    Upon reaching MGM we went to Dinosaur Gerties (where we had never eaten before), ate our ice cream and then headed off to the GMR. Our host in the ride seemed to have her mike keep cutting off on her, though the bank robber that took the vehicle didn't seem to have a problem with the mike. After this we did Star Tours, which was labled at a 20 minute wait, but was more like 5. Then we made our way to the Backlot Tour. When we got on the tram, the row of the tram we were told to get in was soaking wet. Would have scooted over but they put more people in behind us so I got stuck sitting in a drenched seat. When we got to Catastrophe Canyon, it did its thing and I got soaked! I've been going to Disney-MGM Studios since they opened, and not once have I ever gotten soaked on this ride, I've gotten a little wet, but this time I might as well have ridden Splash Mountain. After this we went to the Studio Catering Co., tried to dry off and waited for the Osbourne Lights. The lights came on at around 6 pm. Very spetacular, the light-dancing that they do with the Christmas tree closest to the NY city skyline is awesome. They also did a light dance arranged to Trans-Siberian Orcestras' Carol of the Bells which was nice. It "snowed" down the street as it does on Main Street. Area was pretty packed through.

    After this we took the boat back to Epcot with the intentions of eating at the Yakatori House and then going out and grabbing a seat in front of the Tori gate to watch IllumiNations. Portions at Yakatori look like they might have been cut back, but again, this is another restaurant I haven't eaten at in years. Food here was very good, would greatly recommend the Sukiyaki Beef. When we went out of the restaurant, the benches in front of the tori gate were all taken. By then we'd decided we'd be best off leaving anyway. Fireworks didn't start until 9:30 and given that we would have to pick up our dogs at the kennel at home, we wouldn't be home until around 1 am. If we were staying at a resort we probably would have stayed for the fireworks, maybe next year if we can get to Mousefest.
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    Great report. My family hates to get wet, so I'm glad we weren't with you on the Back-lot Tour. I'd never hear the end of it. You had a couple of disappointments for the day, but you seemed to have still been able to enjoy your trip.
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