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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Animal Kingdom 3/15/08 Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; We just went to Animal Kingdom yesterday. We got to the park about an hour early and since we had a bit of time we decided to head over to ...
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    Animal Kingdom 3/15/08 Trip Report

    We just went to Animal Kingdom yesterday.

    We got to the park about an hour early and since we had a bit of time we decided to head over to Guest Relations and go ahead and renew our annual passes for my mother and I and buy a new annual pass for my adoptive sister since she didn't have one previously when she lived with my father. Afterwards, we got in line to get into the park.

    I was filming with my video camera on this trip and got the chance to film Wes Palm before entering the park. Upon entering the park we made our way towards Africa to ride the Killimanjaro Safaries. Along the way we stopped and got some pastries at the Kusafari Bakery before the ride. The pastries were very good. The Kilimanjaro Safaris has changed the script a little bit. The line with "Mrs. Jobson, no one in Africa calls them Thompsons Gazelle, they are Tommmies. Tommies!!!" is completely gone. I initially heard this was because they had to temporarily remove the tommies. But yesterday there were plenty of tommies but no line, so I think its gone for good. The story with the poaches shooting Big Red is also gone. Instead, Warden Wilson just finds a baby elephant wandering by itself and can't find the mother. The elephants aren't even referred to as Big Red and Little Red. The poaches do show up in the last part of the ride, but don't really have much to do with the elephant situation. I didn't really care for the changers, but my mother and sister didn't seem to mind.

    Afterward we did the Pangani Exploration Trail and Rafikki's Planet Watch where they were cleaning out a wound on a stork in the surgery area. After we were done here we made our way to lunch at Yak & Yeti. This was the first time we have eaten at this restaurant, and regrettably it might be our last. The ambience, service and food was excellent. We got an appetizer of egg rolls to split, I got the Beef & Broccoli, my mother got the Sweet and Sour Pork and my sister got a side of brown rice. Afterwards we got the Fried Wontons for dessert, which I liked but my mother didn't sister only ate the ice cream and fruit and wouldn't try the wontons. This restaurant was excellent and was probably on its way to becoming one of our favorites in Animal Kingdom until......I came across a jagged piece of metal which looked like a staple from a staple gun sitting pretty as you please in my Beef & Broccoli. All I can say is thank God I saw it and didn't eat it....and I hope that was the only one in my food. In short, the waiter got the manager and she offered to make me another plate. I said no because I didn't think I could finish another plate because I was nearly done with the one I had when I found the staple. I ended up getting my meal for free and we got 20% off the rest of the meal for the mishap. Don't know if we'll ever come back here though due to the staple incident and the fact that my mother felt sick afterwards.

    After this we did the Maharaja Jungle Treck and then waked by and watched the Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest (we didn't ride these due to personal issues with river rapid rides and that a medical condition prevents me from riding Everest). We saw the Nemo show and then and went and did Dinoland with Primeval Whirl, Triceratops spin and Dinosaur. Before leaving we went and did It's Tough To Be A Bug since it was only a 5 minute wait. We had to leave a little early so the only attractions we didn't get to do was Pocahontas (it was closed anyway) and the Festiaval of the Lion King.

    And for those curious since I asked the other day what attractions I could and could not film on the video camera.....I got to film everything we did with the exception of Nemo the Musical and It's Tough To Be A Bug. I asked a CM about filming in Nemo and I was initially told yes as long as there was no external lighting, but then they said later on before the show started that no video taping was allowed so I decided to listen to the announcement instead of the CM and skipped out on filming Nemo. There was also an announcement in the holding area to It's Tough To Be a Bug that filming was not allowed. Filming on everything else was fine...even on Dinosaur.
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    Great report. I have to say that I really enjoyed Animal Kingdom when I went this past January. We saw shows and did rides and explored things that we had never done in the past so it was like a whole new experience for me even though I had been there several times before. I think because of Lou's podcast we took time to stop and smeill the roses (although I've never seen a rose in AK. lol), it was really enjoyable. As far as Nemo goes, I don't know what 's up with the CM's who work there but we asked how long the show was and the CM told us it was 20 minutes, it was more like 40-45 minutes. Not sure why they are so misinformed.
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