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    Trip Reports...WHY?

    This is my latest blog. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    I am sure many of you have seen people post their trip reports on various message boards. At first I am sure you thought, “Why would someone post a summary of their trip on a website?” Then you probably thought, “Why would anyone want to read about someone else’s trip?”

    Many people ask our family, “Why do you go to Disney all the time….isn’t just the same thing over and over?” Believe it or not, Disney is constantly changing and evolving. New rides and shows pop up throughout the year, and each season at Disney, offers unique experiences. Disney offers seasonal shows and parties such as for Halloween they have Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, which only takes place from mid-September until Halloween, which makes a trip to Disney during this time much different than if you went in February. Christmas Season offers a Christmas Parade, and special shows that run from Mid-November until the New Year. The parks are also different during each season, as they are decorated for each time of the year. If you visit during the fourth of July you may find some patriotic themed merchandise and decorations. Christmas is probably the most themed, as all the parks and resorts put guests in the holiday spirit by their decorative spirit.

    So why would people post trip reports and why would someone want to read them? If you are someone who cannot visit Walt Disney World during a certain season, you may want to at least read about what it is like. Sure many of the rides and shows are the same throughout the year(s), but the experience is different. Reading someone else’s report can make you better understand what the season is like in case you are able to visit in the future. It also gives you an idea of crowd sizes, weather, and what worked and didn’t work for that family. You can learn from others’ successes and mistakes, which will only help improve your trip.

    One final thought is that creating a trip report can help that family remember what their trip was like. Trips reports can be as detailed as what you did each day, or just an overall listing of your experiences. If you are like most people, you take pictures, and maybe even videotape some of the trip. The problem is pictures are great but don’t give you specifics. And unless you are part of a reality show which is videotaping you 24/7, you aren’t recording all the small details. A trip report can help fill in the gaps. It allows you to write comments, feelings, thoughts about what worked or didn’t, what was funny, or what you didn’t like.

    We had never done a trip report for our first five trips. On our ride home from our sixth trip we figured we had 18 hours in the car, so why not write down some stuff. We wrote down the funny things, dumb things we did, what we liked and disliked, where we ate, and anything else that pertained to our trip. About a month later we were looking at pictures but we really laughed at our trip report. It had so many more details than what our video or pictures provided. Ever since, we have created a trip report, and it has become a tradition for our family.
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    I think trip reports are very helpful. I have learned so much on this site. I am even more excited about our October trip, and believe me, I was excited before!! Everyone's experience will really help us get the most out of our vacation! Thank you for taking the time to share!

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    Well you all know how I feel about Trip Reports. I've even been told that my storytelling measures up to the likes of J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books
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    I like TR's because they let me see how people do things differently when all other variables are the same. Do they hit tomorrowland first and work counterclockwise or adventureland and go clockwise. Do they start at Mexico or not. What restaurants do they prefer. It gives us a glimpse at the same story through different eyes.
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    I love reading the tripp reports and so does my DD (who is almost 8). She points out things we need to do next time, then she points out the spelling and grammatical errors-free educational tools Yippee. I guess people who don't get Disney, don't get TR'S. LOL
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    I think the trip reports are not only great for others to read but for you to go back and read later. I love reading the trip reports I've posted as a memory of the trip. Granted I forgot to do a trip report for the last one and by the time I remembered to do it I had forgotten most of the "detail" so I didn't, but I am definitely planning on one for this year's trip now that they are annual instead of weekly!
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    I did my first set of trip reports about our trip to Disneyland in 2006 as a way to document the trip for my wife's future scrapbooking projects.

    That was the birth of Grumpy's Hollow. My trip reports are still some of my most popular posts on the blog. Granted, you have to be willing to sit and read for awhile because I've never been accused of writing brief trip reports. They are highly detailed.
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    I must say, I'm addicted to reading peoples trip reports for the same reason as when I'm at work and I hear someone telling a story of just coming back from WDW or something about their past trip. Me and my family love WDW so much we like to "live" the experience through somone else's eyes. Especialy while waiting for our next trip.

    It also helps to read if somone has had a problem with a particular resort or park. Or even with help planning.

    I even did one myself, last year.

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    Keep posting the trip reports Folks! they give a little touch of Disney between trips!

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    I love reading them and getting ideas and tips from others.
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    Re: Trip Reports...WHY?

    Love to read trip reports and "relive" the magic of a vacation! plus to see what other people like and of rides/resturants/ect...

    disney fanatics!!
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    Re: Trip Reports...WHY?

    I like reading other peoples trip reports cos I learn alot about the parks that I didn't know from other peoples reports

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