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    Finally My April 13-18 Trip Report..lots Of Pics!

    My Disney Trip Report- sorry I have taken so long.....

    April 13th We drove to Orlando and met with my Sister in Law, my Brother my nice and nephew drove to the house we rented through Orlando Vacations it was located in a beautiful community called Terra Verde…..The house was very nice but We rented a 4 bedroom house and got a 3 bedroom instead, this meant my MIL had to sleep with Us in our bedroom and we had to buy extra inflatable beds. My MIL and my DH snore super loud so I ended up sleeping in the sofa downstairs. First I called the Carr Management Company and they tell me they have no 4 bedroom houses available and that they had made a mistake, then on Monday I talked to the people in Orlando Vacations and they offered to move Us to a 4 bedroom on Monday but we had too many plans and were too busy to move…… we received a refund. I thought that was fair.
    Another thing that bothered me was that the towels and bed linens were dirty, I thought you were supposed to get clean towels and linens but they were NOT clean.

    1st. Day April 14-MAGIC KINGDOM

    Our party was 10 people but on Monday we were the only ones going to MK (Me, my DH, my Son and my MIL)…..We had an amazing time the weather was awesome…As soon as we got there we saw the show in front of the Castle, then we did the Teacups which Martin loved, then we got a fast pass for Peter Pan and until the fast pass was available we went to Small World, and Buzz Light year……After that we saw our favorite Space ranger so we had to get his autograph and a pic! Now it was time for Peter Pan ….we love that ride but for some reason it was shorter than we remember. After that we had Lunch, went to Pirates of the Caribbean and rode the Carousel…….now it was time for the parade… a great spot and as soon as the floats started coming Martin fell asleep!!! So we decided to walk around and leave so we could rest for the early Breakfast with Chef Mickey the next day.

    Here are some pics of that day….

    These are the pics we think we are going to take every time we go back....

    2nd.- Day April 15- Chef Mickey and Hollywood Studios (this day I woke up feeling very sick with a bad cold but was able to get through the day)

    Chef Mickey was awesome….food was delicious! And the Characters were very nice and patient signing autographs and posing for pics….here s a pic…..

    Hollywood Studios

    We met everybody after the breakfast at Hollywood Studios……Saw Playhouse Disney first which the kids Loooved! After that we saw the Voyage of the little Mermaid…we saw a couple of the Little Einstein’s and got pics, we also saw my son’s heroes, The Incredibles so we had to take pics! We also waited to take pics with Woody and Buzz and then we went to get a spot for the parade….THE PARADE IS AWSOME!!! I LOVED IT!! the kids were jumping and clapping they had a great time watching it! After that we went to see the Stunt Motors show and it was Amazing! Martin (my son) was clapping and trying to blow off the fire!! LOL!! After that it was finally the moment my son was waiting for…..the POWER RANGERS appearance! OMG I cannot explain to you my little boy’s face when he saw them…..he was as happy as can be! We got a couple of pics with them. After this we had some food, did a little walking around and went to get in line for Fantasmic……by now it was COOOOOOLD idk how many degrees but for Us Latin-Americans it was freezing!!!!!! The wait for Fantasmic was looong and my son kept saying he was cold and wanted to leave!!! Finally the show started and the kids loved it….it was worth the wait!

    3rd Day April 16- Animal Kingdom

    This day I woke up just incredibly SICK I had a fever and a very bad cough… We went to AK but had to leave early. We saw the Lion King which was Awsome, then we went to the Safari , Did IT Tough to be a Bug and after that I just had to leave…I felt horrible that we did not see Nemo…but I was not well! went to the house and rested.
    <a href="151.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    4th Day April 17- Breakfast with Spiderman and Magic Kingdom

    I woke up feeling better and well rested. The breakfast with Spiderman was super cool!!! My son Martin loooves spiderman so he had an amazing time, we also saw Thing1-2 and the crazy Cat.

    After that we left Islands of Adventures and met everyone at Magic Kingdom…….We did some rides and went into the Haunted mansion were I saw the hidden Mickey in the dining table!!!! Did the teacups, Snow White (but my son was asleep), Carousel again, Buzz again…..Sat down at Pecos’s Bill for some food and then we went into a few more rides…..Finally it was time for Spectro Magic….we got a great spot and the kids loved the pared…….after that of course MY PERSONAL FAVORITE= WISHES!!!! I looove the fireworks and watching Tinkerbelle fly away!!! This was the end of the day so we went back to the house and got some sleep.

    5th Day April 18 – Downtown Disney and GOOD BYE

    Everybody woke up to pack everything and get ready to leave. We all went to Downtown Disney to walk around a little….then we had brunch at a seafood place (don’t remember the name of the restaurant) but the food was very good! After that we did some shopping for the kids…and it was time to say good bye. We all cried and went our separate ways. My Brother and his family were going back to Atlanta and we were going back to Weston.

    That’s it!!! Hopefully we will go back when Martin is 5 yo so 2010.

    P.S. I thank the person who gave me the idea of buying a double cheeseburger and an extra bun so we could make 2 burgers. We did this every single day and saved a lot of money!!!!


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    Beautiful pictures. Now I am getting really excited I leave for Pop May 14th. Yay

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    It looks like you had a great time.
    Your son is adorable!
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    Sorry you were sick, but glad you all had a great time otherwise. Great Pic's!!
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    Sounds like a great time! Sorry to hear you got sick...But I must say the best thing in all of those pictures are the FSU hats!! Go Noles! :0)

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    Sorry you were sick during the trip. That had to be no fun at all. That's too bad about the mixup with the rental but at least they gave you a refund.

    Looks like you had a fun trip. Counting down the days until we go.

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    Sounds like you had a great time in-spite of getting sick. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
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    Sounds like a really fun trip and the kids were just too cute!! That tip abou the hamburger was a great one, we cannot do that as my DD won't eat a hamburger in any form and my DH gets his full loaded, but for others. that is a great tip.
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    Awesome report, thanks for sharing!

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