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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Jenn's Trip Report - Day 1 in the Vacation Planning forums; Day 1 - Arrival at ASMo & Downtown Disney The alarm was set for 6:00am but by 5:30 I was wide awake and ready to go. After a quick shower, ...
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    Cool Jenn's Trip Report - Day 1

    Day 1 - Arrival at ASMo & Downtown Disney

    The alarm was set for 6:00am but by 5:30 I was wide awake and ready to go. After a quick shower, I got Bill up who finished loading everything into the car (we had done most of it Saturday night) and began getting the house ready to depart. By 7:05 we were out the door and on our way (not bad for wanting to leave by 7:00).

    Though this was Aaron's 4th trip to the World, it was his first that required more than just under 3 hours in the car. No, this time there would be a much longer drive... nearly 9 hours. We had prepared for the worst. We had packed the car full of snacks, toys and movies to be ready for the wailing to begin. To our surprise, he was absolutely wonderful the entire drive. Not once did he cry or fuss or need massive amounts of attention. He was just an angel... until 20 minutes before we reached exit 65 (off I-4)... when he decided to throw up the juice and gummy bears he had eaten about 20 minutes prior. At least that's all it was... as you parents know, it could've been a lot worse. Still, after getting him cleaned up we passed under the Disney World "welcome" banner and all was right with the world. Aaron immediately knew where he was and got really excited... so did we of course!

    We arrived at ASMo at 3:15. I expected that our room wouldn't be ready but I also anticipated at least a 20-40 minute wait in the lobby so it'd all work out. What I didn't expect was that not only was our room ready but there wasn't a soul in the lobby for check-in. SWEET!!!

    I had requested a room in one of the Toy Story buildings because we find it so much easier to park at them than most any other location. We were put in room 9825 (Woody) just where we wanted to be so that was good.

    Unfortunately it'd been about 17 months since our last visit to ASMo and I guess in that time Mousekeeping had sort of gone down hill (something I'll touch on more as we move onto the rest of the days). The room was "clean" but not nearly to what I'd consider Disney Standards. The dresser was covered, inside and out, with some sort of sticky substance, presumably from a child who had stayed there prior, and there were crayon marks all over the poster frame and table. The air conditioning didn't really do anything other than make noise, until we turned it down to 60.5 degrees (the lowest it'd go) at which point the room became an ice box. The bathtub backed up a lovely black sludge each time the person above us showered, and there was garbage under the beds.

    I refused to let all this ruin our trip however... especially seeing as we don't spend much time at the room... so, moving on... (note, I will be sending a letter about all this... but don't get me started k? LOL)

    I was pleased to find some towel art waiting for us in the window... although it was the first and last for our trip.

    After checking in we decided to get unpacked and cleaned up a bit (and letting Aaron watch some cartoons), we headed over to the Food Court for some dinner.

    This was our first experience using the DDP and let me tell ya... how I ever lived without this wonderful thing is beyond me. Aaron had the kid's hamburger combo, Bill a cheeseburger and me the philly steak (yummy). Then it was off to Downtown Disney.

    We had planned to park over at Port Orleans and take the boat to DTD just to switch things up a bit but Bill insisted we check out the parking situation first before heading that way. Of course we found a spot so that was that.

    We wandered around World of Disney for about an hour or so, picking up gifts for our friends and of course a few goodies for ourselves (new hats, some scrapbooking stuff, etc.) and then headed over to the Toy store. No new potato head parts for me so off we went.

    We got back to the hotel and relaxed in preparation for a big day Monday. All things considered, it'd been a great day!!

    Ready for more?
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    Sounds great so far, Jenn, well, except the trashy room. Hope they fixed that for you.
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    Can't wait to read and see more! I totally forgot that that car your husband and son were on was from Toy Story!
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    Yay! You're back!
    Sweet for getting your room location and the empty lobby. Love that!
    Aaron is such a cutie!
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    Sorry that the room was not the cleanest. I hope they fixed that up. And yuck about the bathtub sludge backing up.

    Yeah, I know all too well about cleaning up more nasty stuff than just juice and gummy bears but I spare you the details. Thankfully those things have been very few and far between.

    Glad the drive there went well. We will have about 19 hours total for our drive there but split up over two days. Thank goodness for the DVD player it makes trips so much better.

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