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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss el strategista family trip day one continued in the Vacation Planning forums; When I left off last, we had just entered the queue for the bus to MK in full costume for the Pirate and Princess Party. Then came the first bump ...
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    el strategista family trip day one continued

    When I left off last, we had just entered the queue for the bus to MK in full costume for the Pirate and Princess Party. Then came the first bump . . .

    My daughter's Giselle gown developed a problem staying closed because the velcro strap in the back was not tight enough. What can we do? She starts crying that the dress won't stay up.

    My wife doesn't have any pins in the magic backpack. Think, think, think. Between the crying, the heat, and exhaustion from a 12 hour drive, I was ready to call it quits and head back to room 9143. Then I remembered the best part about Disney World -- the cast members. They had to have safety pins.

    Because the buses at Pop didn't seem to show up until the entire queue line was filled and overflowing, I had about twenty people to show up before I missed the bus. I ran to the gift shop and asked a CM for safety pins. 50 cents later -- the cheapest thing on property -- my wife had solved the problem.

    Two buses showed up MK bound and we were off. Some of the people on the bus to MK didn't realize that the Pirate and Princess Party was on that night and they needed special tickets to get in. Sad, but true. I'm not sure what gave it away. Maybe one out of three people on the buses dressed in pirate/princess garb.

    We arrived at the MK around 7:00 p.m., just in time to walk the pink carpet under the railroad arches into Town Square. CMs were high-fiving the kids and every one loved our costumes. I am always in awe walking through that archway, but with fog machines, strobe lights, pink carpet and smiling CMs lined up to greet you. Well let's just say the first tear showed up. My kids loved it. In the grand scheme of things, what does that cost? But we will remember it forever.

    Strange enough, after that experience entering the park, I didn't see a lot of Photo Pass CMs. What gives??? In fact we sought them out every time that we saw someone with a camera. I hope that Disney is not thinking about cutting back on this because we love it and always buy a special book and the CD.

    Here's some shots of us in costume.

    Yes that's us riding POTC in pirate costumes. We said RRRR a lot. Everyone loved the hammerhead pirate mask. Everyone but my son, until he figured out that the CMs wanted to see it on and he could show off a little.

    We ate at Casey's corner and got the huge hot dogs. The kids got the small corn dog bites. Those are pretty good. We watched the CMs kick the guests out (I mean urge the guests to leave) that didn't have armbands for the party that night. It's actually funny to watch, especially when they argue why didn't you tell those people and we hold up our arms and point to the round plastic strip around our wrists.

    We did the party things like search for beads?? Unfortunately being from New Orleans, we don't need any more beads, but what the heck. It became fun trying to find more of them. We watched the parade from the hub. The pirate and tinker bell floats were amazing and worth the price of the party. However the fireworks stole the show. We love Wishes, but we loved this even more. Between the pirates shooting at the castle to the fairies arguing about pink and blue, it is amazing.

    The park wasn't crowded after the fireworks so we decided to ride some rides that normally have really long wait times. We hit Barnstormer and rode it five times in a row. One time the CM sent the plane through without stopping because no one was in line. My daughter loves roller coasters. We hit BTMRR around five times in a row. Twice with waning daylight and three times in the dark. She just hit the 41" mark so she was so proud to ride with the family. No more kid swaps for the most part. It was her favorite ride.

    We then rode the Indy Speedway and the Teacups and made our way into Tomorrowland. We hit Buzz and the TTA and ran into someone from home my wife knows from her school. Small world huh? That's sounds familiar? In fact they were staying at Pop too.

    By this time, it was almost 12:15 a.m. and we had run out of Disney steam. We headed back toward the buses and rode one to Pop. The kids fell asleep as soon as the bus turned off the lights.

    Day two coming up -- TL and the Boardwalk for dinner.
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    Doing your homework and knowing the schedule for the day does give one a sense of time well spent. Sounds like you had a great time. Good save, Dad, on the dress. (Keep that in mind for the future. It probably won't be the last time that Dad comes to the rescue on dd's outfit.)
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    Your trip report is so entertaining, I cannot wait for the next installment.
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