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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Just got back yesterday...It's a long one!!! in the Vacation Planning forums; So My husband and I just got back from our yearly anniversary trip yesterday, July 21. I have to say this will definitley go down as one of the most ...
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    Cool Just got back yesterday...It's a long one!!!

    So My husband and I just got back from our yearly anniversary trip yesterday, July 21. I have to say this will definitley go down as one of the most memorable and thats not a good

    Well we had just gone to Disney 7 weeks before we left and had terrible issues flying...delays and bumping us off flights, etc. So we were hoping that plane issues would not occur, but you guessed it they did. Going down to Orlando from Boston...our flight was delayed by 6 hours...only after we had gotten to the airport at 5am. To make matters worse, we checked the flight before we left ( we are only about 10 miles to the airport), and the plane was on time...yeah right!!! So already we were none to pleased especially when the flight attendent told us that Delta called everyone that morning to inform them...EVERYONE BUT US!!!

    Oh it gets better. We check into Saratoga Springs...very nice resort and our first time staying there. Over the course of the week. we tallied how long it took us to wait for buses. If you can imagine we wasted 7 hours of our trip just waiting at the resort for a bus to come and take us where we needed to go. Yup, you heard that right. Typically we always rent a car...usually a convertable, but instead we figured we would save the extra money and do more things that we typically overlook. WRONG!!!!! NEVER STAY AT THIS RESORT IF YOU WANT TO DO MORE ON YOUR VACATION THEN SIT ON A BENCH SWEATING!!! Otherwise rent a car. We would see 4-5 buses for each hotel as opposed to our say my husband was losing his patience was an understatement.

    But the cherry on top came yesterday as we were approaching the Magical Express resort check-in desk. We gave them our information and low and behold they could not find our information. Weird?? So we called U.S. Airways with whom we were flying FREE due to their Screwups from 7 weeks ago. Well, you guessed it. They cancelled our flights and for us to fly with them...they wanted us to pay $150 each ticket for a rebooking/change fee....FOR A TICKET THAT WAS FREE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Well my husband was obviously yelling names I cannot type in here, but here we were sitting in Florida with no way to get back to Boston.

    So we got out the trusty laptop and booked tickets for JetBlue, $350 later just for a one-way ticket, but we were going to be able to get home and at that point neither one of us really cared about the price. So we were back in business, got on the Magical Express to the airport and got to the gate...Well of Course!! Our flight was delayed AGAIN!!!!! Well it became comical then. I couldn't control my laughing and my hubby was gettin g really mad at me because I was giggling like a little school girl, wahat else could go wrong.

    Wll, we ended up boarding and the pilot "Captain Chuck" was incredible and got us home in 2 hours 5 minutes...for a typical 3 hour flight that was darn good!!! I had never been so happy to see Logan airport and know that in just under an hour I would be able to be back at home in my bed and not have to woory about catching a bus that was never going to show

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    On a better note...Disney was fabulous as always, super super hot, and very crowded, but we hung tight and got the most out of the vacation when we actually caught the bus!!

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    Wow, you guys had a rough time with the trusty airlines. This is the main reason I am no longer in the travel agent business. Can we get a report and pics of the fun things you all did at the world, maybe after you forget the horrid airlines?
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    With your flight record, I think I'd appreciate a heads-up when you plan to fly again and what flights - (I want to avoid flying with you.) Just kidding. I'm sorry that your recent air travel has been so tramatic. Flying is NOT a fun experience most of the time, and delays just pump up the stress level that much more. I don't get how the airlines can cancel your flight and then expect YOU to pay for rebooking? That just seems illegal. If YOU were changing the flight, I understand, but THEY changed it.
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    That is insane. On the bright side, at least you got to spend time at Disney.

    I second the motion to hear some of the good things that happened on your trip.

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    I hate how the airlines just do what they want and get away with it. With the airline world in turmoil, the customers are the ones who ultimately pay the price. I'm with your husband, I would have said some choice words as well!

    Please share some pictures when things calm down.

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