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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss New Appreciation of IllumiNations! in the Vacation Planning forums; I know this is almost sacrilege in the online community, but IllumiNations has never been my favorite of the nighttime shows. I liked it just fine, but liked Fantasmic & ...
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    New Appreciation of IllumiNations!

    I know this is almost sacrilege in the online community, but IllumiNations has never been my favorite of the nighttime shows. I liked it just fine, but liked Fantasmic & Wishes better.

    Well, I just saw it for the first time since the Earth Globe went down for refurb. I'm blown away. I don't know what they did to the globe itself, but there are new images and scenes on the globe now, that I don't remember being in the show before. So very clear and sharp. And the storyline of IllumiNations that had always been rather thin in my mind is now much clearer and easier to understand.

    Two thumbs way way up for this improvement.

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    This is good to hear since when I saw Illuminations just a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked not to see the globe. (I guess I wasn't paying attention when it the refurb was discussed. I don't often get to stay at the parks for the late night displays.) Anyway, the fireworks were appreciated by my niece, who was seeing Illuminations for the first time, but I was like....hmmmm...the globe????
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    I love the music! Last trip we didn't get to watch Illuminations because my youngest doesn't like loud fireworks. But this time, we are taking earplugs and watching!

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    Great to hear that the new globe looks good.

    It was strange watching the show a few weeks ago without the globe. I'm looking forward to seeing it in a few months.

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    On my last visit, I was sad not to see the globe too. I can't wait to go back and see how it's changed...time to start planning : )

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    Looking forward to seeing the new globe too.
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    last time i was there the globe was missing. that's cool that they brought it back, for some reason i thought they were refurb-ing Illuminations in general and the globe was gonna be gone for good.
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    Yea, I saw it a couple of months ago. Although I've always loved the show, I agree, great refurb! I also went back and listened to Lou's interview with Don Dorsey (again) earlier that day which that made the show better too. I think it was show #15.
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    Yay for new images - I can't wait to see it! You know, I've seen the show dozens of times, but I've never really been able to see the images. Does anyone remember them? Did they tell a story, or are they just images?

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    Was there last week and the globe was working. Love the music. Saw Hallowishes for the first time last week too, loved it. I think all the night time fireworks are great. The music really makes it.
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    Yeah, I just saw it for the first time this summer and I think it tied with Wishes for the best.
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    Illuminations is in my opinion, the BEST nighttime show. I'm moved to tears everytime I see it. Something about the show evokes a sense of unity among the world. The countries lighting up, the fire, the INCREDIBLE music. The last night I saw the show in March, it was pouring rain which made it even more amazing I think. Here everyone was, soaked to the bone, and I saw two little children, barefoot, splashing in puddles, dancing to the music. You could see the reflection of the fire in their eyes. Just reminds me of everything that is good in this world and how we take the tiny things for granted.
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