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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss September "Adult" Getaway! in the Vacation Planning forums; My wife, Kristine, and I farmed off the kids and flew down to Orlando last Thursday afternoon for a long weekend at WDW. Here are some of our highlights: Day ...
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    September "Adult" Getaway!

    My wife, Kristine, and I farmed off the kids and flew down to Orlando last Thursday afternoon for a long weekend at WDW. Here are some of our highlights:

    Day 1 - Thursday Travel Day:

    1. Air Tran gets good reviews. They are what they say they are: discounted transportation that makes a serious effort to keep on time. We got there when we were supposed to.

    2. Spent the evening at Downtown Disney. Walked up to Cap'n Jacks at 7:00 and was able to sit at the Bar right away. Perfect, and great service. We ordered a couple of drinks and appetizers (highly recommended = the artichoke & spinach dip). We told the bartender we would were going to share the grilled salmon, and the chef put half the salmon on 2 plates for us with what must have been full servings of rice pilaf and green beans. Wonderful.

    3. DD was very crowded, making us worried about the park crowds over the weekend . . .

    Day 2 - Friday Day off relaxing at the Beach Club:

    1. On the way to the Beach Club (we stayed on points at the Radisson Main Gate the 1st nite), we stopped at the Character Shop at Orlando Prime Outlets. It was a SCORE, and we did most of our souvenir shopping. We paid $118 with the tax, and the retail tickets added up to $301 before tax. T-Shirts, jackets, artwork, drawer pulls, and hats filled our bag.

    2. Afternoon at Stormalong Bay. Let's just say we spent too much time at Hurricane Hannah's. Wonderful pools and terrific sun. Afterward, we read in the Solarium for a while. The Beach Club is a great place to hang out for a day.

    3. Dinner at Spoodles. Dining Plan. Excellent Red Snapper. Pretty good Steak Kabobs. Nice service. Our strategy became - Server: "Are you on the dining plan?" Us: "Yes, but we're good tippers anyway!" That seemed to create a quick laugh and very attentive service. We tipped between 20% and 25% (we're in the hospitality industry, so we tend to tip high when the service is just right).

    Day 3 - Saturday SEGWAY tour at Epcot, plus some park hopping

    1. Try, try, try to take a Segway Tour. It is a real blast, and the Segway is a lot of fun and easy to learn. We had the 8:30am tour and were able to tour the World Showcase before it opened. A great opportunity to get some shots of areas that are normally swarming with guests. It was worth it (and we got a discount because we used a Disney Visa).

    2. EPCOT Center from 10:30 to 12:30 - got a fast pass for Test Track and went to do Mission Space Orange, which was on a 10 minute wait. So, silly kids like us decided to do the ride twice. I do NOT recommended twice in a row, folks. Maybe it's because I'm over 40, but I'll stick to one time in a day in the future. Did Test Track, then got a Fast Pass for Soarin' before lunch at San Angel. After lunch, Soarin', then Spaceship Earth, then drove our car back to Beach Club.

    3. San Angel Inn - I like it better than in the past. It seems like there are fewer of the traditional "Mexican Restaurant" type of dishes and more unique choices.

    4. Rode the Monorail over to MK. Strolled in the atmosphere . . . no where else like it. Did HM, then rode the TTA. More than anything, the TTA got us refreshed. Space Mountain was down, so we were able to ride through with the lights on. It's always cool to see the tracks.

    5. Back to Epcot for the evening. World Showcase stroll.

    6. Tangerine Cafe is now a MUST do for us. Now, every trip we need to have a Mickey Bar a day, get chili-cheese fries at Pecos Bills, and get a Chicken Shawarma platter. It is simply wonderful. The hummus is like a Lebanese friend of mine used to make, with a nice hint of lemon juice. The tabbouleh is terrific. The Chicken is great, processed with similar seasonings and a similar method as traditional gyro meat. Over the two days, we split two of these platters.

    7. Saw two shows of the British Invasion. Terrific time, and the last show they pull the crowd up to the stage to sing and dance to Twist and Shout.

    Day 4 - Sunday at Hollywood, Epcot, and MK

    1. It is a wonderful walk to the Hollywood Studios from the Beach Club. A beautiful stroll, I recommend it to anyone who is nuts enough to want to walk more (like me).

    2. Toy Story Midway Mania is amazing! We went right there and bypassed Fast Pass, figuring that once was enough. It wasn't! That ride is amazing! The best part, however, is the queue, which is largely missed by the Fast Pass bypass. I have dozens of photos just from the queue area! Great ride. Best part - when the ride is stopped, you get to continue the arcade play with -zero- point values. Loads of fun. Makes you wish the ride would stop more frequently!

    3. Breakfast at the ABC Commissary. It's nice to be able to get a counter service breakfast in the park. Not too many do it (naturally . . . who wants to take AM time eating!). It was pretty good, loads of bacon on the bagel sandwich. Mixed blessing. Good flavor, but oh the guilt . . .

    3. Going into One Man's Dream, we were greeted by the Dream Squad!! Dream Fast Passes for all! Guess we're gonna get to do Toy Story Midway Mania again!

    4. After Star Tours, we walked more for some streetmosphere.

    5. Afternoon at the World Showcase. Another platter at the Tangerine Cafe. A bratwurst in Germany. Some lefse in Norway. Good thing we're still walking!

    6. Evening in the MK (plus extra magic hours). Highlights were riding the train to do Thunder Mountain, then HM and Pirates. More later.

    7. 8:05 Dinner at The Wave! Our server, Jorge, was excellent. The food was terrific - definitely on par with California Grill, although the menu doesn't seem to have as many choices. I ordered the three-beer-flight for my appetizer. Naughty, I know, since we already had cocktails. I had the pork tenderloin medallions - perfect. Kristine had the vegetable stew. Terrific. We had the desserts because they came with the plan, but we were stuffed. There were good, but we probably wouldn't order them if not included. The nice thing is that their dessert choices are 3-item samplers. That is great. We had 6 choices between us. Plus coffee for me, of course.

    8. We ate an 8pm dinner at the Wave to give the MK Extra Magic Crowd a chance to settle in and/or thin out. We got back into the park around 9:30 and it was the right decision. We ended up doing Fantasyland, mostly - Philharmagic, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella's Carousel, Peter Pan, and capped off with Small World to end our night.

    Day 5 - Monday, Time to leave.

    Kristine slept late while I swam in the quiet pool at Beach Club. Moon still out and dark skies at 6:30 am. Sat on the beach swing to read the USA Today from the room, then strolled over and around Boardwalk.

    I have supressed memory of everything else, except that we had a smooth travel day back home. All is good.

    Worth noting - despite our fear on Day 1, the crowds were very light all week long, even at Extra Magic Hours.
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    2,202 managed to fit in so much in just a long weekend.......................sounded like you really had a ball
    I really enjoyed reading it.............................There,s me worrying I won,t fit everything in that I want to do when we come over soon.................for TWO there,s hope for me still to fit everything in.
    Thanks for sharing

    I Belle

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    As you can imagine we strongly approve of the adults-only Disney trips! Sounds like a blast!

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    We've been doing the "adult wdw" trips for several years. It's fun with kids. It's even more fun when the only "kids" in the group are yourselves. (hence the line in my signature)
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    Adult daycare for the kid inside you.

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    This sounded like a great trip. Thanks for sharing so many meal details, that helps with planning. Sounds like a refreshing and relaxing grown up trip.
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    Yes, it was a really wonderful time. Plus, the meals are a big part of my fun, and I know so many folks on the boards are the same way!

    What I didn't note is that I was able to get in an hour nap each afternoon. Yep, it all worked out just right!
    Have you seen my dad? Would you page him for me?

    Next Family trip = April 16 - April 23, 2011, staying in an All Star Vacation Home!

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